I’m What Ails you.

at by Anonymous

I GIVE you a little bit of the drug. Let’s call it the ANESTHETIC. This is the stuff that “numbs” you, makes you feel all high. Drugs can be addicting. BREATHE in. Take a big WHIFF of THE PRINCESS. It won’t HURT. For now. You’ll learn to love the numbing affect of the anesthesia almost as much as you do going under THE KNIFE. When I operate you wake up with bruises, a little bit achy, a few scars, but OH that addicting substance of SIERRA keeps you bugging for your next hit. JUST ONE MORE! DOSE OF THE PRINCESS!

While you’re “Out”. I get to play doctor! I can slit you right up the middle, pull you out..PIECE BY PIECE. Take your PRIDE, your MONEY, your FRIENDS, your free time, your FREEDOM, your LIFE. I pull out all your guts, stand there with your gizzard in MY hand. Its fun to watch your soft spots bleed.

When the drugs wear off, you wake up with a big ouchie. But before your cuts start healing, you start craving that “GOOD drug, that NUMB followed by the KNIFE. Soon, your brain becomes fogged! The sensations blend, wires cross and you can’t tell which one you like most–the ANESTHESIA or being SLICED OPEN BY ME!

SO you learn to CRAVE bleeding for ME. you start actively seeking ME out to financially burn you, fuck with your mind, make you incapable of enjoying normal nice-nice relationships. you not only enjoy being humiliated by ME, but the emotional turmoil and shame you experience AFTER the fact. you start loving the scars.
Listen to the good doctor.

I have the prescription
for your addiction.

Either way, you’ll learn to love the pain I administer. Well, at least you’re going to need it.