$22,000 Cold Hard Cash!

at by Anonymous

My blog from 2005 after I got this wonderful gift!  $22,000 Financial Domination Findom HAUL!

I’m just soo happy today!  I am SO FRICKIN’ GOOD!!! Eat your hearts out!
Wanna see what $22,000 in $100 bills looks like?
Click to see full-sized. Saved it giant so you could see the details and see that it’s actually all $100’s. 🙂 I was going to lay them out straight but tired of it so I just fanned them out in groups of 10.

Here I am beaming over My loot!! This photo will be available full-size for MEMBERS ONLY. Got the screen up cuz Im in the laundry room which isn’t exactly the purdiest room in the house.

Tons of Cash for ME!

Update: I GOT IT!!! $22,000.00 all in $100 bills!!! I’m gonna go take pics!!

Earlier that day:  Last night got $300 out of this weird ass loser who claims to work at Applebees. It was his first time. he seemed like another wack-job though. $50 from one of MY leg guys. (send another!) This other guy sent $150 through partykey..which sucks SOO much ass. So far I only see $50 of it..but sometimes they are slow. $50 from billyustinc and $150 from latexlover….now to the exciting news!

Guess what!? timothy is back! he’s the guy I took to the bank in 2000 and withdrew thousands of dollars and bought MY jeep. I am meeting him this afternoon to go to the credit union and withdrawing cash!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he sent $1,000 WU to prove he was willing (last time I made him mail the $1000 beforehand to prove he was genuine.) he gave Me his wife’s cell phone # which I just called to make sure it was her..and it was. After I asked for her by name I gave her some poll I found in a magazine. hahhaha! Anyway, the western union is here and after I finish painting MY toes (he has a crazy foot fetish) I am going to be meeting to go to the credit union and withdraw his cash! YOWZA!! Part of the deal is, no pics of him…but you can bet you’re ass I’ll be taking pics of Me with his money. There’s over 15,000 in the credit union account! WOOHOO! Well I just found a pair of dirty workout shortie socks, I’m taking along to inspire him. This guy has to be fucking ancient by now..cuz he was OLD as dirt 5 years ago. I’ll be posting MY spoils here later Im sure…but I’ll put the juicy tidbits of what I do to him in My members diary probably. Anyway, wish Me luck!!