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zippy wallet rape spree!

UPDATE: Ok I’m not gonna bother posting more of the screenshots it’s getting confusing.   zippy is up to $6,100 cash and $400 shopping!!  $400 SouthWest gift cards PLUS $1,000 Delta Airlines gift cards!

Another Update!  It’s zippy who sent the $1,000 and he just sent another $2,000! he also did $400 worth of shopping!!  zippy fucking doo dah muddafucka, zippy slave!

Keep going, zippy!  your wallet has been separated from ME for so long!  It misses Me terribly!  Send even more using the second link!!  ME and MY Girlfriend are cheering you on!

Update:  Just got $1,000 from a blast from the past.  I totally forget what nickname I used to call him.  Little man, you’ve been gone a long time!  If you send any more cash today, be sure to send the link I sent you.  I LOVE finding an unexpected $1,000 tribute just sitting in MY email waiting for ME.  When I saw it, I whooped and scared the shit out of the cat!

Just a quick update! Wanted to slap this up here really fast! FullSizeRender(6)

Yay hairlip!  he sent this to cover Our lodging for Our trip to Utah.  We will be adventuring in several beautiful National Parks.  I didn’t make him pay for airline tickets because We had thousands of dollars of South West gift cards to use!  So excited!  Everything is booked!  We go early in May!  hairlip continues to pay smaller daily tributes as a pay puppy should. I’ll be sure to send him restaurant tabs during Our stay too!

mysterypig sent $1,000 last week too!  Keep up the excellent work mystery pig!  your tributes give Me so much pleasure!

mrobot Activate!

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