Working On New Membership Subscription System

Working On New Membership Subscription System

I’m screwing around with MY journal template to make it look a bit different.  you will also have to sign-up to leave comments and see any entries I decide to make “private”.  I was getting shitload of spam comments.

Well boys and girls.  Switching MY membership to MY merchant account is taking Me a bit of time. First I had to get a shopping cart, password-admin thing  installed that did ALL the things that ccbill does–which is a feat on it’s own.  CCbill was way easy to use, but why pay them when I can get every dime?!  So anyway I have that all installed. Now I have to migrate all you assholes out of ccbill.  So you will all have to re-sign up.  I will be sending all My current subscribers a link to join and they will get the first month free as an extra incentive to suck you fuckers in and also award you for your loyalty and also make up for any days loss on your current subscription.   Many of you have been members for years despite the fact that I have been lazy about updates.  Good boys! heeehee. So anyway, old members will be getting a super special first month free link.  If you aren’t already signed up , you won’t get it. If you sign up today on still won’t get it.   For those who signed up years and years ago when the price was like $15.I will send you a link to resign up at that super low price.  You deserve it for loyally subscribing and never canceling for soo many years (I did that probably 7 years ago!)  I won’t be adding the new gallery until the new sign up is set up.  If you are one of MY regular donation makers, you can email ME and beg to see a few more of the photos.   Keep the faith, bitches.  The new gallery will be available soon. Don’t cancel your ccbill membership yet, though. Wait until I have everything finished and give you the go.

$1,000 from stewy , $500 from senor doggy, $1,000 from twinkie!  $1,200 from sharon’s husband. ha!  Silly lesbian! Dicks are for straight chicks!

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