Greedy Girls take your Wallet for a Whirl!

Greedy Girls take your Wallet for a Whirl!

sissy tommikins got 2 new dicks yesterday!  Today I am sending him out to get more!  Then he will be paying ME after his tum is full of cum!  Update: he sent $500!

$200 from doomed brit today! $200 tribute from pantystain plus he purchased several gifts off My Amazon wishlist.  $600 from hairlip towards My vacation fund and he continues to send his $10 3-times a day worship-tributes! Weeeeeee!

pigsnot, I see your little 5 am message on yahoo!!  Come out, ya fat sow!!  I want some of your cold hard pig pay!  Message ME asap!  your Greedy BITCH QUEENS’ await you!

Waited to do MY taxes until last minute as usual.  I was totally putting it off because I knew I’d be miserable after seeing how much I was going to be stuck paying this year.  Oh Mah Gawd!  This is one of My best years EVER thanks to sir wankalots $70,000+ tribute..but jesus fuck, it’s painful forking over so much money to the IRS.  It’s so sad I have to pay such high taxes on money that should be considered a gift!  Make a Donation and cheer ME up!

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4 thoughts on “Greedy Girls take your Wallet for a Whirl!

  1. avatarunspecified maggot

    It seems like donations and gifts to Princess should be tax free. So if a slave were to give a donation of $500, and additional $175 should be automatically added to cover taxes.

    Likewise, if a gift worth $1000 were made to princess, another 35% in cash should also be donated to cover the tax burden on Princess.

    This is the way things should be for Princess.



    Princess Reply:

    Sounds good. So go make a $1000 plus 35% cash donation.


  2. avatarjose

    I don’t know the amount of years between the last videos that you uploaded on twitter and the last photos of yours, but it is obvious that you are ageing very very slow. Congratulations. It is great to realise of that.


  3. avatardooomed brit

    I always wonder whenever Princess posts something how many pathetic males read it and start jerking off. And how many of those pathetic ass holes have the BALLS to get involved with Her.

    Put Up or Shut Up.


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