Why you will never kick the habit!

at by Anonymous

Written in 2000

Some of you complain that as time goes by that I have grown MORE materialistic, selfish and demanding. Has MY greed grown??  Has MY cruel nature expanded?  Have MY financial demands becoming more of a burden for you?

YES! and you LOVE it!

How can a complete flunky like you , be part of something as Beautiful and Glorious as ME?  With your pathetic presence?  your lousy good intent?  Sharing your pervert fantasies??  Boring ME with your opinions?  you want to have a direct affect in MY life??  you want to be part of MY smile?  My comfort?  My GLORY??

I’ll show you the way.

Q:  What do you get for your toil, humiliation, financial suffering and withering self-esteem?
A:  Let’s talk about this.  you get to be part of something GREAT–the cooperative movement of pathetic-submissive-worthless-man-ZEROS dedicated to keeping PRINCESS SIERRA smiling, satisfied, spoiled and care-free.  Quite an accomplishment for a worthless turd who has perversely spent his life dedicated to only his own vile erection.

Q:  Is there shame in serving?
A:  NO!  There is no shame in serving a GODDESS. your shame is self-servicing.  Stroking off, jerking off, getting off on your one-dimensional jack-off ideal of what a Domme should be.  Just like ever other dickweed out there, you have objectified Woman..(in your case, FemDom), used HER in your fantasies from self-gratification.  Most of you have NEVER served anybody..just your filthy sexual fixations.  Unless some Woman has gained from the experience of being served by you, then you have failed COMPLETELY as a sub and slave — as a man.

Q:  Does paying ME make you stupid man?
A:  Absolutely not!  Look at ME!  My happiness and enthusiasm for life pours from My writings, blogs and photographs and mostly from My radiant smile!  How can being part of MY happiness be a stupid thing?  STUPIDITY, MY little shit-berry, is NOT paying ME, is NOT obeying ME, is NOT suffering for ME.    How can you expect a Woman like ME, who is admired by throngs of Sierra-subboy-wannabees, to want to give you one morself of MYself, of MY time, attention and wisdom without you compensating ME generously for it?

Q:  Are you being screwed and exploited?
A:  Every day the telephone company, your insurance agent, the grocery store, big business, the bank are SCREWING your ass over! you pay $1.00 for a glass of Pepsi that costs less than a penny to make.  you buy it because you like it, because it makes you feel good, because it feeds your caffeine addictions and quenches your thirst.  Pepsi screws you over, Uncle Sam screws you over, THE PRINCESS screws you over ROYALLY.  It’s part of living with the things you need in your life.

Q:  Why DON’T you WANT to stop?!
A:  I am the intoxicating combination of intrinsic beauty and suffering.  Finally, you have found the three-dimensional Dominant Goddess you only thought existed in your mind.  A TRULY Superior Woman who dominates and uses men because it becomes HER, because it is what SHE is.I AM LETHAL — a sugar lollipop with an arsenic center…an addiction you won’t kick, a craving that will keep you hungering for MY abuse.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful one-sided relationship:  you love ME.  I ignore you.  you please ME.  I hurt you. you make ME laugh. I make you cry.  you give.  I take.  I am your everything and you are MY nothing.