Give your Life to Me

at by Anonymous

Listed below are daily affirmations.   Say them every day to help develop your submissive mind and closer connect with the Divine.  Live every day for Princess Sierra.

i am a willing vessel for FemGod to use.

With every sacrifice i make, i am bringing more wealth and well-being into my FEMGOD’s Divine life.

i find myself effortlessly & gladly participating in activities that bring wealth, joy and abundance to FemGod’s life.

By serving Princess Sierra i am on a path to the highest personal and spiritual attainments.

Princess Sierra is the master of my fate.  SHE is the captain of my soul.

FEMGOD is the architect of my life; SHE builds its foundation and chooses its contents.

Today, i abandon my old habits & the man i used to be. i take on my true purpose as Princess Sierra’s servant and beast of burden.

i was created to financially serve Princess Sierra, now and always, increasingly, eternally.

i release the need to have control. i lovingly & willingly release everything i am and have to a higher power — FEMGOD.

i surrender my finances to FemGod’s divine care.

i trust in FEMGOD and know HER infinite wisdom is my best guide.

Paying FEMGOD is a beautiful and tangible way of showing my love for FEMGOD.

i willingly give away aspects of my identity that no longer fit the identity Princess Sierra envisions for me.

my spirit, mind & life are positively transforming with every minute spent in servitude to the DIVINE FemGod Princess Sierra.

i live my life in loving service to FemGod, being the best slave i can, becoming wiser in the perfection of Her Divine Truth, becoming happier in the joy of unconditional, unrequited love.

Everything i give to Princess Sierra is a gift to myself.

i surrender all. i am in the hands of FemGod.

As i lose my life for FEMGOD’s sake, i find it.

i do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the Divine mouth of FemGod.

As i follow Princess and walk in HER Way of Holiness, gladness and joy overtake me.

i will not let the opinions of man interfere with the direction of FemGod.

Every day my commitment to PRINCESS ALMIGHTY grows more passionate and enduring.

FemGod, here I am. Please use me in that way and manner that i may be a better channel of service to You.

i accept and embrace all transformations Princess Sierra has designed for me.

There is One Life and that Life is FemGod and that Life is my life now.

i am willing to take the risks necessary to pay Princess the cash She desires. my life is insignificant in comparison to Her Happiness.

With the sword of devotion i sever the strings that tie me to delusion. With the deepest love, I lay my heart at the feet of FemGod.

The universe is conspiring in every moment to separate me of my cash and bestow it to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i forever belong to Princess Sierra.

Princess Sierra destroyed the old me & created the new me. i owe HER everything i have and everything i am because i am Her creation.

Every plant my FemGod has not planted shall be uprooted. All false ideas in my consciousness are now destroyed.

Princess Sierra has all the answers. SHE is my guiding light.

With every breath i take, i inhale Princess Sierra’s Truth.

Princess Sierra is a tree of Life to those who embrace Her; those who hold true to Her will be blessed.