lezzys toy’s Findom Holiday!

at by Anonymous

lezzy’s toy spree started December 2014 with $1,000 DELICIOUS GREEN CASH which came in the mail in 3 different envelopes.

(pictured with some other prezzies)

A few days later I received $1,250!

2 or 3 days after that (Dec 27) I received $4,800 in a bunch of different envelopes!  YAY ME!!

December 30 I receive 2 more envelopes =$1,000! (Also pictured is $400 Southwest gift cards from pigsnot)

Oh happy day!!  The new year started with a bang!  Jan 2  13 envelopes filled with $5,920!!




lezzy’s toy was quiet for a couple weeks, but he popped back up and sent another $4,000!

Oh MY preciousssssss….My precioussssss….isn’t My preciousss beautiful!?!? LOLOL

As quickly as he appeared..lezzy’stoy disappeared.  Around 18,000 (a few thousand might not be pictured) in less than 2 months than Poof!  he quit answering MY emails.  🙁

But ALL FINDOM begins with PRINCESS SIERRA and all minions come back to the source of their addiction…ME.  Yes…one day, lezzy’s toy! 🙂