Spoil ME as I Just Happily Live MY Life

Here’s today’s hiking selfie.  We hiked most of the afternoon, all the while MY phone was going off..chimes and alerts from all MY different pay processors.  I LOVE when cash just rolls in while We are out just enjoying life.

NOTE TO mystery pig!!  Today is your official PAY PRINCESS DAY and your payment isn’t here yet! What up, bitch?  The day is almost over!  you sent a $200 bonus tribute mid-week.  you answered the speak-with-cash question last Pay Me Day with a “YES” for preferring to continue every 2-week payments.  Now you’re going to be late?  Didn’t I  just tell you last blog entry NOT to fuck it up  again? ? If I knew who you were I’d TOTALLY put a boot up your ass.  I guess I will have to do it via emoji.  I know you’re going to send MY cash..(you always do)..but I like it done when the scheduled alerts go off!

Just a few highlights from the last few days.
pigsnot sent $800 $400 from baby schwein and eric sent $300 today! $500 from sissy tommikins! Received Square payments from several random guys this afternoon totaling $250.  A new guy from Greece sent $550 last night. $500 from lester is the last few days, $200 from the Ukraine. davidansar has been sending double crispies! $200 every week in the mail…a constant stream of $100 bills!

All the items arrived today from rat bastard’s last shopping spree.  rat bastard.  I want another parka.  I didn’t fuck your wallet hard enough last shopping spree.  Soo I want more!  Oh and you need punished for the night you got so drunk you fucked up My order!

Lots of shopping from several boys on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Framed Art, Hiking Clothing, China, Eddie Bauer, dress blouses for the Mrs.

****I want this purple hand gun send $500 cash or $500 Cabela’s gift cards.

Long Sleeve Shirt in Island Green size M for HRC

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