Send your $ LOVE $ to your Bitchy Valentine!

Send your $ LOVE $ to your Bitchy Valentine!

Another $800 from sissy tommikins!!  The adult bookstore had a porn star there signing DVD’s so they had the booths chained off.  No dick for tommikins tonight.  he’s so sad.  he’s sniffing the pits on MY dress to cheer himself up! We just added up tommikins’ donations for the last 30 days. he sent $7,600!!!  Funniest thing!?  his fairy wand was hard as a rock as I rattled off the amounts and he entered them in his calculator! hahahaha!

pantystain also has been hitting My wishlist! Way to go, boys!  I finally got his package sent off to him.  I’m sure he’ll be running back to paypal as soon as he smells My perfume!

toiletbrush!  Valentine’s Day is coming.  Contact ME, I want more flowers!

Princess fan  Email ME about the WHBM return.  Did they send MY gift card to Me?

fatmac just bought My sister V the Great a new $300 phone.  haha! his head is always spinning in 10 directions trying to serve My entire Posse.

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4 thoughts on “Send your $ LOVE $ to your Bitchy Valentine!

  1. avatarFaykrott

    I cannot help but be in love with you thinking about how you manipulate losers like me and Use them for as much as you want! FUCK!!


  2. avatarFaykrott

    Gawd damn, my fairy wand is sticking straight up right now just thinking about how you fucked sissy tommikins over (I wish it was me instead).


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