Punished paypig

I have some stuff to get done here today and need to workout. All My workout clothing came today fatty. Love them!

OH that fucking frenchfool the slutfuck almost lost his membership for being his usual slutty self. he was given a 2part punishment. First he sent $400 and for the second part of his punishment he will be given himself a fullface shit mask. he wil suffer. I got the cash.now we’re waiting for “nature to call.”

I’ll update later tonite when I get more time.
I’m back. Oh let’s see. Another $300 from pornpie freak and some crazy pics of him dressed up as.hmm..I dunno what. he’s so lame. $300 cash came in from easy scott, $100 from brad the fag and a box of stuff including a really nice carving set, an omelet pan and some salmon rub.

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