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Update: So some guy with a very faggy voice called and said he wanted to “fall off the wagon” after reading MY post about speedydick’s and john’s recent failed Princess “recovery programs” !!  The guy was drunk and ready to ride the wagon train of wallet rapery!!  Yeeehaw motherfuckas!  First he sent $400 cash.  Then he did around $400 worth of shopping.  he was getting drunker so I sent him back to the donation page and he sent another $300 cash!!  I told him to buy gift cards from Amazon and as he was putting them in his cart, the moron just hung up.  BUMMER!  Seems someone lost his load and hit the dusty trail.  The moron had successfully fell off his wagon.  The trail of tears and one too many beers!   All this happened in 14 minutes! HAHAHAHAHA!  $1,1000 total!  See you next payday, asshole!  Bring your vodka, your demented penis and your credit card!
Totally enjoying all MY Etsy jewelry!  Send Me more more more!  I’m getting into more natural fabrics and earthy rustic jewelry.  I have tons of items I want.  I’ve been gifted a steady stream of Etsy beauties to add to MY collection..but Princess NEVER has enough!  Here I am posing with a ring that a guy named brett bought with a Etsy gift card.  I’m waiting for several more expensive items to arrive in the next few days.  Will post pics when they get here.

Snake Charmer Necklace (Royston no longer available)  **really want!!**  get Kingman 🙁

White Buffalo Ring **really want!!**
White buffalo bracelet **
3 stone Turquoise ring
Floral ring size 8

I think pigsnot had 2 shopping sprees since MY last update!!   July 10th he sent $600 worth of Amazon gift cards and several hundred dollars of prezzies. July 3rd he had a smaller spree.  I think at least $500 worth of stuff…luggage, ancestry DNA test, $100 Hue light, Raybans, Tile .  Shit, he sends so much stuff, it’s impossible to keep track of!  he made a pie chart and he spent AT least 17,000 at Amazon since January.  I think he underestimated though.   WE FUCKING LOVE IT!!  you are officially one of Our Top 5 slaves.  pinch yourself, you fat freak!!  Oh aunty,  the girls added more items!  Go get them.

Oh I tweeted this a few days ago but this amused ME soo much thought I would post here too.  So speedy dick texted ME to inform Me that he was in a recovery program and couldn’t pay ME.   I chewed him out and  a few minutes later he sent $500 and hung up on Me. hahaha!  Then he sent this:


I think I laughed My ass off for about an hour!   This bitch has tried to quit Me SOOOO many times.  This bitch came back and paid SOOOOO many times.  Muahahahahahhaha!   After posting this screenshot ANOTHER slave named john who had been hiding for a long ass time was inspired to fall off the wagon after witnessing speedydick falling off the wagon.  john sent ME $700 before going back into hiding. HAHA!  Who else wants to fall off the wagon?!!   Admission is only $500!!  Weeeeeeee!

$400 mystery pig, $1000 from amsterdam ham,  $400 tommikins, $250 from a guy who requested I call him “hamster ass”.  Many other tributes but this is all I can remember from perusing through old tweets.  I’ve been too busy preparing for MY vacation to keep good record of all My tributes and gifts!!   We leave Tuesday! I will have a house sitter watching My cat and watering My garden.  She will also feed My GF’s dogs at the other house.   I’m really excited about this trip!  I’m a bit worried because My period is late and I do not want to be bleeding the entire time!!  There is no way I will be able to hike all day if I am heavy bleeding!  Damned it!!  Oh and NOTHING is worse than being stuck on a long airplane ride on your second day.  I swear to God the altitude change on flights fucks with MY period and makes it flow like a MOFO!!!  So let’s all say a prayer to the universe that I start MY period today!  BLEED, BLEED, BLEED!!

Putting wimpdick in chastity was the best idea EVA!  I don’t think he has ever been as pleasant and generous!  I sent his key back this week and he’s waiting on pins and needles to be unlocked and reunited with his beloved little sissy peen.  he’s been locked up 39 days and has spent around $1,000 in that time.

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