I am Princess Sierra — the Original Exploitrix and Financial Dominatrix Extraordinaire.  I am a Female Supremacist and Living Goddess specializing in financial domination, brainwashing and life management.
Make sure you read MY Website and follow ME on Twitter to learn what I expect before contacting ME.

DO NOT CONTACT ME if you are a Woman seeking advise on Findom.  I do NOT have the time or inclination to answer the thousands of requests I get for mentorship, tips and advice.  My contact details are ONLY for submissive men who are ready to commit to Financial Servitude.  Email Me at [email protected] only if you are seriously interested in becoming a legitimate paying piggy and enslaved worshiper and addictee.  CONTRIBUTE or be ignored.  There are far too many generous and willing piggies out there who are dedicated to providing for ME and pleasing ME for ME to waste time and energy on the broke, cheap, disrespectful and worthless. you MUST PLEASE ME, PAY ME, OBEY ME to EXPERIENCE ME!  If you haven’t the means or intentions to contribute–GO ELSEWHERE.  Find yourself a cheaper addiction or a Mistress who demands LESS.   

I removed My direct phone number from MY website. If you are a regular, email ME and I will provide you with it. Everybody else will have to earn it.
For anonymous and pay/per minute phone calls you can use VERIFIEDCALL.

GirlyDom on AIM.    
on Yahoo
Kik messenger can be provided to guys who pay.

Send Cash, Gift Cards and Prezzies to:
Contact Me For Shipping Address.  I am no longer posting it public.

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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. avatarpatrick

    You mesmerize and possess my soul. Your power, your dominance over men is proof of your excellence and intelligence. You are beautiful, wise, and more woman than any man could ever dream of pleasing and I wish and wish that I could be yours, that I could be the one to try and prove fruitlessly that I am good enough for you. I could never actually be, but I dream of it. I hope that you never go away and become an even larger and more dominant force of the world of weak men.
    Thank you Princess Sierra for being you and making sure that the men of the world know our place.


  2. avatarColm

    I’ve been drawn to your site for years, always thinking that whenever I opened it up it was just a ‘weak moment’ I had or just a ‘phase’ I was going through, but I’m beginning to realise that I’m like a fly stuck in honey, and the more I struggle to escape, the more I’m drawn in; this would have scared me in the past, but now it just feels like the most awesome rush ever! I never thought I’d be writing these words and feeling this way, but here I am!


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