lesbian’s power shopper

lesbian’s power shopper has been doing something every day to please ME since he’s been back!    Yesterday he bought Us $200 Verizon gift card and sent $150 Amazon gift cards.  Today he bought this jacket, a hammock and a few smaller items!  The last few days he also sent $100 for ancestry DNA test for MY Mom, paid $1,000 cash, $350 Cabela’s cards and so many awesome gifts!!!  Every day used to please PRINCESS ALMIGHTY is a day worth living.

I tweeted this and just a few hours later mystery pig sent $500 tribute and no reply.  Ahhhh, you don’t know how much this tickles Me!   I’m so damned good at this!

$500 from tommikins!  he only got one dick that night but I’m sending him out soon to hunt more dick! $300 from mrbot.  Been making mrobot put out gay adds on craigslist.  Uploading cocksucking programs into his hard-drive while he cries incessantly. Teehee  Tweaking his robot brain for funsies!   Another $200 from louzer. (Keep up the good work, louzer.  Remember lou-lou, disappointing PRINCESS is far worse than disappointing your little family)   $200 from My baby schwein from Germany.

Striped Henley Tall L in Navy
Henley size L Tall in Drk Azure

Cold Shoulder Top Size L in Ink Heather slavey davey

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