Getting Ready for Summer!

Getting Ready for Summer!

We are starting up another diet and getting Our bikini bods ready for travel and fun! Time to get us MORE workout gear for spring/summer.  ** denotes priority items

I like to get Mine custom made. This place has all MY measurements and I just send them MY order.  I haven’t decided if i want this print or just all purple.   Pango Pango Swimsuit.  I know I want the drape bottom (without the shirred ass), a halter top and a matching cover-up.  Send $200 to cover it, since I have to order Myself.  screwy stewy

I need some raised beds for the patio to grow vegetables.   I’m thinking about getting these. Send at least $200 gift cards!  ***
Running top size S, plum heather
Bikini Top size S Matching Bottom in S
Presto Shorts size L Black  terrance
Straight Up Pant size L twinkie
Bettona Pant slavey davey
Long Shorts in Black size L  terrance
Striped Headband Heather twinkie
Short Bettona Short for HerRoyalCopness in S black  lezhag
Skort size Tall L in Black   lezhag
Headband in Green  lezhag

Shorts size 4 in Brown lezhag


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