slaves who make ME happy are forever blessed!

Update:  $400 from another new slave.  This one is a young and unsullied 25 year old.

This is like $7000 I am trying to fan, but doing a shitty job at it.  It’s hard to hold that much cash!!

Hi fanboys and fangirls!   My minions have been keeping Me very happy lately!  hairlip has continued to be a very good slaveboy!  he has paid his daily tributes 3 times a day EVERY day just as promised when he first started the daily payments..PLUS he has loyally been paying for MY Girl’s lunches every day through the week day.  As I mentioned in MY last post, he sent $4,400 in succulent green cash in the mail!   Several days later he also sent another envelope of cash in the sum of $1,700!   Yesterday he sent $500 for MY GF to shop with too!  We will be taking Her to the mall this weekend.  he has bought a stream of prezzies for the Holy Trinity!   We are very pleased with his performance!  We will be enjoying our trip to California financed completely by him!  he’s also bought Us lots of pretty things to wear on Our trip!

The ever devoted sissy tommikins sent $300 today and the sweetest sissy texts. 🙂

A new guy named paypal-loser sent $1,050 tonight!  Awesome sauce!  First I thought he had potential but then he started acting all bi-polar and regretful.  We shall see.  I don’t know why you fucks have to get all fascinated with the more destructive financial domination…and then want to flee after you binge.  Why not just concentrate on the beautiful part of serving Me!?! MAKING ME happy! Pleasing ME, dedicating your life to MY laughter and leisure!

screwy stewy sent $100, twinkie sent $400, and bought Us a chainsaw, a bikini and a new moonstone ring for Me!

I’ll be posting another entry before We take off, but wanted you all to keep in mind that I won’t be forwarding My landline and I will have it unplugged so My house-sitter doesn’t have to listen to all the wankers calling day and night.  If you have MY cell phone, I will have it on Me and will be texting dinner and drink tabs to all MY favey slavies!   New guys will have to contact ME via email…and ONLY after sending a generous donation first!  I also will be taking MY Twitter private while I’m on MY vacation so I don’t have to keep an eye on it.

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