Quick update! Findom in Paradise!

Update:  So I will be spending the the summer and maybe the fall out in Montana. I’m thinking We will get there July 20th if the trip goes well. My Wife will spend a few weeks with Me but has to come back here to finish up the last months of work.  This is the plan so far…  after I get bored of being alone out there, I will winterize the house and fly back to Ohio and spend Winter here.  We will see how it goes! 

Pay for all the many new home expenses!

I will be posting 2 new Amazon wish lists.  One will be private and will only be sent to guys I really like or trust.

Oh and you assholes will be paying for a LOT of new furniture.  The house has a cabin look to it and a lot of Our furniture just isn’t going to go.  Go get a loan and take out some new credit cards because you seriously are going to need it!!  Also if you have Lowes or Home Depot cards go buy some gift cards!!

For the rest of you I will be posting the NEW HOUSE wishlist  and all the goodies will be going to Montana. I will also get a brand new mail address up there too, so all of MY boys can continue to send ME cash in the mail! 


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