Lesbian Conspiracy

Ha ha oh man, you guys missed a fucking cool show. Me and My friends watched this movie on the scifi channel called THE LAST MAN ON PLANET EARTH

In a world populated exclusively by women, a young scientist attempts to create her own version of a male human ” one genetically engineered to refrain from any form ofviolence.

Airs Monday, July 28, at 11PM ET/PT 
I checked scifi channel and it doesn’t seem to be coming on again this month.  It was reeeally low budget and had some terrible actors in it and was pretty hokey but it was COOL! World War III kills off almost all of the male sex because of chemical warfare that attacks the Y-chromosone.  Women are all totally lesbians and despise man-animals.  There are absolutely no men on earth besides a minuscule handful of old renegade men who were immune to the virus who hide out in an old football stadium on the outskirts of civilization planning to steal back the world from the “LESBIAN CONSPIRACY and bring back “god the father” but the Women wind up shooting them all away. There is also a little underground whorehouse ran by a woman who keeps some old men as prostitutes to service the disrespected closet-case heterosexuals. Having sex with men has long time been banned and most women have never seen a man in their life and never will. They only clone female children and reproduction is highly controlled.Any way this closet-case scientist clones this man genetically engineered to be nonviolent. The All Female government hunts him down and infects him with the Y virus and he dies.  But anyway, it was showing that the Women were violent themselves in killing and controlling all the “Y’s (men). We were laughing our asses off, you can be sure.

This vacuum is soo cool.  I GOTTA get one for Mom and Her partner?  Who’s going to buy it? She’d never buy one of these things for Herself, but it’s great!
Want to buy MY 2-moms a Roomba vacumm Send $200 amazon giftcertificates to ME to use for it. Yo deryck, Duena is going to be very disappointed in you.

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Don’t be alarmed.  One of My keen accounts is temporarily froze up. Keen says they have been doing random security checks on keen accounts, other Women have complained about it happening to them, too.  I had to fax them some info–it should be up and running after the weekend.  Funny how they do it after I get a $500 pay-2-view Keen mail from “shitonme“. I’ve seen this guy’s keen name on every Woman’s keen feedback. Talk about whore!  Going to be spending tomorrow with some friends here.  Since I’m still Miss Limpy sprained ankle-Girl,  I have MY friends coming here this weekend.  Margarita night!  deryck  just sent ME $500. I promised him that I wouldn’t post it because he doesn’t want his ex to see that he’s still paying.  Obviously I lied.  teehee That’s what you get for NOT going to the bank and filling your card up!
toiletbrush just sent $100 but I’m too tired to stay up and get anymore out of him. Lucky him.  Got another box from fatmac filled with goodies and MY long awaited pool loungers.  Yawwwwwn.

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New announcements look

Ok. you guys tell Me which announcement set up you like best. This is prettier, but I’m not sure if all you old goats can follow ok. I’m going to save the other just in case.   If you have some ancient version of Netscape you will need to update it–because it looks really funky on netscape 4.0. Email ME if you have problems viewing this. Added a lovely new bouquet to the toiletbrush flower page. russell is having a name change– he is now russell the ugly baboon he just sent $100. $400 crisp 100 bills arrived in the mail from easy. $200 bills from coocoo cock worshipper and this strange looking money-order from australia for $100–I remember the guy IMing Me on yahoo about it–but can’t remember his screenname.

Yeah! I have a robotic vacuum sweeper coming in the mail! I have others do MY vacuuming for Me–but a little robot vacuum buzzing around MY home sounds nifty and maybe will keep the boys busy with other chores! $100 from eatsusedrubbers but I think he needs to send another $100 for using the word “drats”. $300 from mark the pornpie freak who will be putting on show either tonight or tomorrow.Update:
Oops forgot to add that carl the drunken loser donated $75 and then called and lost another $225. I might post his drunk wavs for a good laugh if I get time. I’ll be gone most of saturday, be strong little wankers!

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$6,390 from beerboy joe!!!!

Yeeeehaw!  beerboy joe has gone off the deep-end!  Last night we had a party! he called in his usual inebriated state.  I think he liked having his expenditures publicly posted.  This is what we did to his creditcard last night!

$3,700 on My main merchant account. $900 on another account. $1,298 on another billing service I use and an $500 amazon GC’s. I made himget on 2-way and call the creditcard company and tell them that he had placed all the charges, they were not fraud etc.  beerboy can be such a fun date!  So we got a total of around $6,390!
Here’s a screenshot of the charges on MY merchant account. beerboy has great news. he used to have a house of his own but recently he sold it and is now a “renter.”  I think he was feeling pretty sad and pitiful last night–which gave him a hard-on and brought him back to ME to screw him deeper into debt.

Then out of the blue I get this new british guy who stumbled unto the one photo of ME in sexy shoes and stockings on MY donations page. Little does he know that picture is kinda old and its like the only one of ME in sexy legwear on MY site. teehee. Here’s his email.

I’m so drunk i don’t know what to do please tell me step by step what I musy do. I’m still looking at your legs in stockings and I’m getting excited.
I Really worship your legs and stocking tops. i think you have me for asucker. But your legs and heels??? The thought of your heel crushing down on mymanhood is OOOpps. I am your servant and slave

Haha This friggin strange brit sends $400 donation and then $100 donation. I don’t even know this friggin bastard!stephen of NY sent a $50 donation out of the blue. I think I used to have a nickname for this guy, but I forgot it. Got some investigative work to do tonite. Later, masturbators!

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Showing off My pretty curls on webcam..

My hair looked so pretty after I got it done I decided to do webcam again. As usual it did pay off. toiletbrush was soo weakened he dropped $300 and groveled on his mic like a little fool. fatmac had a $300 nite too with the donations and shopping he did–got Me a large order of salmon fillets. Love them on the grill. fatmac is so fucking wimpified right now it ain’t funny. “Please, Princess show me the fatmac bitch sign you made for me one more time?” Now thats funny. $100 paid in ecount from a guy who calls himself goodboy slave he was flipping out for MY left knee. I like ecount.those of you stuck on paypal–should sign up for ecount. $200 from two-timing tom (originally tom the guy always posing with beercans) By the way you fucking piece of shit. you owe ME another $200 you UGLY, 2-timin’ fucker! And why the fuck are your lips always moving freaky on cam? WEIRD! pornpie freak just dropped $400! I’ll probably be pretending to watch him on cam tonite since I’m too sore to go out and have fun. My ankle looks crazy now–its all kinds of colors.ugh. I picked up another $250 on a few cheap yahoo slutslaves who just wanted to watch cam. I’d never claim them. Just those peer and leer community property fuckers.

Here’s a little email from easy today.
Subj: Your $400
Date: 7/17/2003 10:23:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Easyxxx
To: Girly Dom

Your 400 is on the way. my sincere apologies for not getting the 300 out on time.
You said it would cost me and it obviously has. i will try to have better attitude
about paying You and will try to be more grateful in the future.

Just got a box from VS–a pair of jeans, bikini and bra, tube and matching cardigan, and a sporty dress. Going to go try them on.

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Sprained ankle and $1000 in 5 minutes!

Some of the creditcard damage that beerboy has suffered the last 2 months. This is only a portion of what he has done. he’s used at least 3 other billing options besides this one. I blotted out order I.D.’s that had his name in them and his creditcard info of course.:) Hey beerboy, how about a nice frosty one today?!

Oh woes is ME! I sprung My ankle big time! It’s soo swollen. I can’t work out this week-I’m going to die! All I can do is work upper-body and pilates and mat work. I’m thinking pilates sucks ass. People talk about seeing some big changes with pilates, but I just don’t see it. I don’t even work up a sweat at all or feel sore after. It does work the abs I’ll say that and gives Me friggin toe cramps. But it’s just too wimpy, twinkletoe-ish, lazy workout. I was really getting into the Firm Tough tapes–those workout kick My ass. The new ones they sell on those info-mercials are not near as tough. Anyway, this sprain has messed up MY excercise schedule and I’m pissed! But on the bright side beerboy joe just called and dropped $1000 in less than 5 minutes. I let him listen as I got the creditcard authorizations, he squirted in his eye..and end of story–he didn’t feel so chatty afterwards. hahaha Guilt. Does a male body good. beerboy, I expect a 1,000 “Why I love paying Princess Sierra.” you need to remind yourself what joy it brings you.

So how did I sprain MY ankle? Ballbusting a logger? Spiking a volleyball? Mountain climbing? .. well, not exactly. Running from a bat. If you had big hair like Mine, you’d run too! If a bat got stuck in MY hair, it would never get out! This little bat had a fucking mission! It was even squeaking! Rats with wings! Eww I hate bats! I haven’t sprained an ankle since highschool. Poor little perfect Me!fagarina..your bill is here. Call Me tonite.

I can’t reember if I ever posted russell’s brady bunch picture. If not, here it is. Got charges to run..tata

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jack-off jackpot

Yippee!! terrance won almost $5,000 playing the lottery!!  Not exactly the jackpot–but a fun surprise! he wired the money to My business checking account (well $4,500 of it)!  I just checked My account and there it is! Kewl beans! Perfect! I finally talked a moron into fucking a cactus. Woohoo!

I’ve named this freak bleeding lamb the sacrificial sheep. I think he paid $100 or so for that treat.

Another beautiful bouquet from toiletbrush.

Well, I said I was going to be around for calls this weekend.but oops I wasn’t around. Fun weekend, great weather!  I’m going to try to buckle down and actually accept calls starting monday–(but I won’t promise to pay attention–teehee)  Going to try to get back to going to bed at a normal hours.these british freaks screw with MY sleeping habits..speaking of british freaks..there’s one I’ve really been wanting to take a bite out of lately–but he won’t answer his fucking phone. Inquiring minds want to know, deryck! Come out! Come out! Where ever you are!  Speaking of..I bought a sissydress I found cheap–Im not sure if I should give it fagarina or send it to deryck. toiletbrush spent $250 on VS for Me again and is paying for 6 mos of banner advertisement at dickie virgin again. Good boy. I’ve been enjoying MY Farscape DVD’s too! fatty, guess what?–you screwed the pooch again..you always wind up getting the wrong box of goodies. AND Where the hell is that pool order? sissymissy you still need to straighten out that payment with Me that got screwey’d up. The Ukrainian dropped his $350 donation and swallowed 1/2 gallon of week-old piss on webcam. ewwwwww $400 from dumbdog in MI, $200 from the freaky jam jam must have toejam guy.

Oh for those who wanna buy some sexy lingerie item..I want this in the pink leopard size 36C.

easy, I went to the POBOX today–and your $300 wasn’t there.  you just got penalized $100.or perhaps you’d prefer I post your wav?? For gifts made before the last few days–you wont be getting your recognition cuz I don’t feel like going through MY emails and seeing who gave what–whatever it was.I’m sure it wasn’t enough.

Oh.guys have been asking Me about using Stormpay. Fuck that shit. Stormpay blows. Do you know that you guys have to pay stormpay 12% of everything you LOAD onto the Stormpay account??? That so sucks.  That’s 12% that could go in MY pocket. My billing options are cheaper for both of us. If you want anonymous use ecount.

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