Daily Worship

Daily Worship

Update: $750 from sir wankalot plus he cleaned out My entire Express wishlist ($315)!  hahahaha! I love it!  mrobot was activated by My blog earlier today and promptly deposited $300 into My account.

pantystain been buying up little things on MY list..socks and such.  his monthly E-salon hair dye package came again.  I will be touching MY roots up in a few days.  twinkie bought a new Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors and terrance got this quilt from MyHabit.

mrobot activate!  you’ve had a payday haven’t you?!  Time to insert your cash into MY account!
sir wankalot has been paying a daily $50 tribute daily.  Every day when I wake up I see it there in MY account.  🙂  Isn’t that sweet?  Looking forward to My next Amazon delivery..several pair of pretty sneakers and $75 worth of Itunes gift cards are on their way.

Yesterday we got the bike stacker sir wankalot put together.  It totally saves room in the garage and is quite sturdy.

Few more Q&A’s posted.

This I want asap!

Cozy Fall and Winter Wardrobe Wishes for Me and My crew!
Express all fulfilled by sir wankalot!
Camo Top for HRC XS
Leopard Tunic L
Tunic Sweater L black
Express Perfume  We smelled this and liked it.  Buy!
Cocoon Sweater in Wine size L
Water Tiger sweater size L

Hair Stuff
Cojoba Styling Gel

Delta gift cards!
American Airlines!
US Airways! (foreign guys can buy gift cards here)
United Airlines! (have to be a MileagePlus member to order)

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4 Comments on Daily Worship

  1. avatar
    sir wankalot
    October 31, 2013 at 7:19 pm (5 years ago)

    Paying my daily tribute to YOU is the highlight of my morning GODDESS! Every day, i wake up and i think to myself “YAY! i get to pay GODDESS again!”

    Now that i know it makes YOU happy, i shall enjoy it even more!!


  2. avatar
    November 1, 2013 at 8:27 pm (5 years ago)

    How is wankalot able to afford this? He’s spent over $3000 in just a few days. He must be totally broke. It is very inspiring to see the depths of sacrifice he goes to.



    sir wankalot Reply:

    Yes i am now broke. i spent almost my entire paycheque on GODDESS in less than 10 days, and the rest will go towards the daily tribute GODDESS mentioned…it’s totally worth it to see my GODDESS so happy. Fortunately my work provides for rent and food, so i don’t have anything to pay for except funding HER perfect life!


  3. avatar
    November 4, 2013 at 9:20 am (5 years ago)

    Wankalot and Mr Robot must be two of Her tech prototype slaves for the future, remote controlled right into their eventual doom as She sucks them drier than a vampire queens’ thralls, imagine a global slave network hooked up by Her to Her computers, getting fried, programmed and worked to death!


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