toiletbrush hits the bottle again! Forced intoxication Rocks!

toiletbrush hits the bottle again! Forced intoxication Rocks!

Etsy Ring –yet another!

$100 for every shot toiletbrush does.  So far I’m up to $400 $600! So far $800 $1000 from toiletbrush’s drunken phone party!

$400 from toiletbrush and $100 shopping.  I have him drinking beer again and soon it will be time for shots!  I see a financial ass raping in his future.  Drink up, slavie!

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Cache Button Top size L
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5 thoughts on “toiletbrush hits the bottle again! Forced intoxication Rocks!

  1. avatarscrewystewy

    How weird! Part of me really feels for toiletbrush because i know just what a mess he is making of his life, and i know that as a supposed “human being” i should be rooting for his recovery, but instead i find myself obscenely turned on by his destruction because the only thing that matters to me is whether or not Princess Sierra is receiving money. My moral universe can be summed up as: Anything that benefits Princess Sierra is good; anything else is irrelevant.



    groveler Reply:

    Toiletbrush probably would have drank himself to death years ago if it weren’t for Princess’ guidance. She has saved his life and given him a reason to live. Princess is a living Goddess,Her kindness to toiletbrush is the act of a Saint. Her genorisity to him of Her time is emotionally moving.


  2. avataraa

    I can’t help but wondering…..if YOU need another Bose Sound Dock, wouldn’t your Cop Friend also need one to go with her new ipod touch.?


  3. avatarfuckin' retarded

    Dear Princess Sierra,

    i’ve seen some Bose products on YOUR wishlist that are appealing to me. i have a few questions, please:

    Amazon suggests a leather cover and car charger for the wireless mobile speaker on your wish list. Would YOU also require these items?

    Would YOU, STEVIE and YOUR COP FRIEND each need one?

    The Bose docking station: in addition to the one for YOU, does YOUR COP FRIEND need one as well???

    thank you



    Princess Reply:

    Hi fuckin retarded pigsnot!! I added another Bose wireless for Her on MY list. Get it…also the car charger for Me.


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