Time to slap a pig!!

Note to mystery pig: you need the stupid slapped out of you, you filthy little slug!  you missed TWO Pay Princess Days in a row!!  I kindly let you recover and didn’t get too furious when you missed the first payment over 2 weeks ago but this is going too far!  GET MY cash in!  I don’t care what goes on in your personal life or the reasons you think you couldn’t pay on second Holiest Day of the month…. MY HAPPINESS comes first!!!

Just got $300 from the priest father flatulence!  Because he didn’t pay on Easter, (which would have been more meaningful) I’m going to dive deeper and see if I can bully him into paying another $200.  Stay tuned. ** Nailed it.  Got the other $200 as well.

pssst pigsnot!  New Macbooks are out with Touch Bar!  Come out from under your rock, you old skunky cum troll!  you can’t resist buying Us the newest Apple products!


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