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Hot Hot Hot! Paying Princess is even hotter!

Hot Hot Hot! Paying Princess is even hotter!

Hi boys!  Princess is on day 3 of the Paleo diet.  Let’s see how long til I get bored with this one.  So many crazy diets on the market these days!    Make your donations because grass fed meats are EXPENSIVE!  FEED ME!  Holy Fuckoly is it hot!  I don’t do well in the heat.  Princess has the AC cranked to the max 24/7!  Let’s see, got a bunch of boxes today.  A bunch of Paleo food cooking stuff..Coconut Oil, Almond flour, ect ect.  The freight place called and said My toolbox for the truck will be delivered tomorrow.  Items from Cache have been coming in and that modern looking ring I have been wanting. 🙂  Got My front porch stained this weekend so I had to walk  almost all the way to MY garage to get MY boxes in this heat!  Oh the humanity!  Hope to get the rest of the Deck stained in the next few weeks.

Items that still have not been purchased! Princess is not pleased!

More shopping opportunities! Hudson jeans, I just can’t get enough of them.
Hudson Beth Baby Boot Jeans size 30
Oceanside Boot Jeans size 30

Nightgown from Natori.get pink it’s on sale. size L

Tropical Top size L

New Bedding! Want to redo My bedroom decor.  Want this in natural.

toiletbrush $1,000 will solve all your problems.  Bitching, crying and being a dick..will just make you new ones.

you little fucks exist to make ME happy!  That’s the ONLY reason you exist!  When you cease to make Me happy.you cease to have a reason to exist.  Don’t ever forget it!

I’m very happy to accept Whole Foods Gift Cards.  Click and buy a big one to feed Me and My girl!

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