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paypig conga line!!

Everyone is falling off the wagon!!  The last few days has been a steady stream of weaklings crawling to Me on their knees and offering their wallets!

First let’s talk about lesbian power shopper!  he used to serve long ago..well now  he’s back and in the zone!  he has spent SOOO much!!!    he sent $300 cash.  Today he bought $400 Cabela gift cards!  he TOTALLY cleaned MY wishlist up!  I’ve posted a tally here.   It’s been FUCKING AWESOME!!!  Boxes are stacked high at MY door every day!   We scored some bad ass camping and backpacking gear!!  Nothing rocks My world as much an EPIC WALLET RAPE!!!  We’ve been bouncing around the house in total glee!!
We interrupt this blog post to bring you this important message.


tom the turd got in on the fun too and bought $200 of SouthWest gift cards and some heavy duty mudflaps for the truck!  A brand new german guy sent $200 and bought $50 Cabela’s card. Then lo and behold,  louz-er sent this email “Everyone was having so much fun falling off the wagon but I was right at my credit limit. Woot! Increase request accepted. Thank You, Princess!”  accompanied with a $500 donation!   Oooh isn’t this fun!??!   Who’s next!?!?!  Pay your $500 admission fee and let the $buck$-fucking begin!

Oh and let’s not forget the nice little $100 bill I got in the mail today from david.  you better have the next one in the mail as planned.

hairlip…you are behind!  The HOLY LESBIAN TRINITY are not pleased with you right now.  3 pair of angry eyes are upon you!

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Make My Wishes All Come True!

Love this new scarf that hairlip bought Me!

Update! $100 from louzer just came in.

mystery pig (b from Oregon)  has sent yet another $300 tribute last night!!  Keep it coming, mystery pig!!

hairlip got totally worked over by Princess and company!  With a few photos of each of Us, he was promptly put into the bone-zone…then We then pounced on him and raped his wallet — gangbang style!  The blonde bombshell scored $200 Ugg boots and another pair of Raybans.  One look at Her piercing blue eyes and he was paralyzed like a deer in headlights.  he found himself clicking buttons in a daze!   HRC bitchslapped him for a bright red Helly Hansen red stadium parka and about 3 pairs of pants!   We got $200 for a hair appointment!  Moonstone earrings for Me! Then he picked up Our dinner tab!  he shopped Eddie Bauer and even more items off Amazon! Our fun continued!  he was a 3-way wishbone!   We were so pleased with your performance this week, puppy!  Oh what a blessing!  What Joy and Bliss it is serving the most awesome Women on the planet!!

slavey davey sent $100 paypal, $100 Timberland boots and $25 Itunes gift card!  he’s going to do a little more shopping.  I will be picking out the items today. 🙂

Lots of shit on sale!!
Medina Cardigan get Tall L in Mushroom
Engage Hoodie size Tall L in Heather Gray ** slavey davey
Jacket in Peak Blue size Tall L
Cozy Sweater size Tall L in Anemone
Flannel PJ bottoms size Tall L in Bordeaux
Elysian Jeans size 12 Tall in Aged Blue **  slaveydavey
Gray Jeans size 12 regular  hairlip!
These are totally on sale! size 9 fossil slaveydavey

Hawk Totem Necklace slavey davey

Eddie Bauer for HRC
Echo Sweater in Scarlet size S hairlip!
Nordic Sweater size S in Nordic hairlip!
Twill pants Reg Short size 2 in Black hairlip!

Flannel Top size L slaveydavey

Burnout Moose Tee size L in pink!
Floral Fleece headband in Natural twinkie
Cute Legwarmers in Natural twinkie

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Spending The Holidays Spoiling The ONE you Love

For those of you who don’t follow My twitter, here’s another photo of Me that I tweeted from MY short trip to Chicago.

$300 donation came in from slave b in Oregon.  he continues to never contact Me…just sends mysterious $donations$!   That’s A-okay with Me! lol  slavey davey was an excellent minion this week.  he bought Me another North Face coat and a Frye purse…well, actually TWO Frye purses but I am sending one back because I had some problems with it.  he THEN immediately sent a $100 Etsy GC and asked Me what I wanted for MY Thanksgiving prezzy. 🙂  I still have to pick something out for him to buy.  hairlip continues to diligently pay his 3-times a day tributes.  he also sent $100 to cover My salon visit next week.  twinkie sent $500 Holiday donation and picked up Our Thanksgiving grocery and wine tab this year.  🙂    Oh and blast from the past drunk tom popped up and sent $200 and did $200 of shopping. he first contacted ME in the late 90’s.  Today, I saw him on cam and was floored how old he looked!  he’s still as lame as ever.

Waiting for a bundle of cash to come in from pigsnot!  Should be here in a week.  I will update when I actually have it all in MY greedy hands!  he also bought a $200 Amazon Gift, $170 pair of boots and $210 down coat from My Amazon wishlist.

This weekend We are staying at the cabin that We stayed last Thanksgiving!   It’s pretty far out so there is no internet and very spotty phone service  so you won’t hear much from Me.  Keep yourself busy sending ME cash and prezzies!  I know you will be missing Me so much!!  I will be back Monday though!  We are taking a  25lb Turkey with Us to prepare there.  This should be interesting since I don’t think We have ever cooked a whole turkey before.  What the hell are we going to do with all that turkey?

Fleece Pants size Tall L
Layering Tank Black and Ivory size Tall L
Oversized throw Driftwood

Longjohns! For Me.. click Misses TALL and get black in size L hairlip
Longjohns for HRC click Misses size Small in black hairlip

Moonstone Earrings
Earflap Hat (send a Etsy GC for this so I can customize the hat)

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Life is Good!

Showing off My sex-ay farmer’s tan.   Actually I was lounging around after a long day spent outdoors.  Me and MY Gang of Awesome are heading out to go pick berries this afternoon…well, most likely drink beer and pick berries if I know HRC. 🙂  Yesterday I texted a few candid photos to MY special boys of Me and HRC enjoying our weekend.

Ya know, I forgot to mention that lou-zer popped up and sent a measly $100 tribute but haven’t heard a word from him.  lou-zer, I know you are poor now, but you seriously can do better than that.

doomedbrit, I got your pathetic drunken email, but I was sleeping.  What a shame, I would have milked the fuck out of your wallet!  you can still make a fat donation!!

Oh and tommikins has a special cock now.   (The gent who reviewed sissy tommikin’s dick-sucking skills on a public gay hook-up forum! haha) This guy has texted him twice this week demanding that tommikins suck him off.  tommikins is a regular SuckNGo.  This guy places his order, sissy T blows him and the guy is long gone!

I’ll tweek My wishlist when I get back!

Little silver Necklace hairlip
Bali Charm necklace hairlip

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Need re-programming? It’s time to erase your hard-drive!

Need re-programming?  It's time to erase your hard-drive!

mrobot had a little glitch for a few months and was not answering Me when I sent command files to him!  BAD ROBOT!  I am now re-tweaking him and wiping his old files and updating his systems!  mrobot is PROGRAMMED to pay!  mrobot is PROGRAMMED to obey!  I know you are reading this mrobot. hahaha!  I got $400 from him and he is now busily writing 500 sentences to help clear his brain of the thoughts of the man he once was.  john is dead and has been replaced with mrobot!  john has been completely PURGED from your system!

gayson the quickest wank in the West just called and dropped $500 at My feet.  he blew his load as soon as I ran his card for the amount.   What a fucking LOSER! muahahahaha!

BOOTS!! Motorcycle helmets and tough chick shoes!

See that back wall used to be unfinished.  The bead-board spruced it up.  The paint is actually crazy bright yellow.for some reason it looked orangey in the photo.  Still have to put one more coat of paint on the bead-board though.  This is My laundry-room/mud room/boot closet.  Keep in mind this is just My FAVORITE boots. I have scads of shelves and closets of lesser worn boots.  you can also see some of MY motorcycle helmets and MC walky-talky stuff in the photo. There’s 2 more shelves of boots on this wall that wouldnt fit in the photo. HAHA! There is a closet in this room chock full of leather jackets, chaps, coats and boots boot boots!  All purchased by YOU fucking freaks! Tall boots, short boots, brown boots, black boots, biker boots, dress boots, hiking boots.  I heart boots!  you are so lucky to serve such a Bad Ass Bitch! Do you see a pair of boots you bought Me in the photo?  Pinch yourself, loser!

Oh I am going to need 2 small framed prints/art for this wall.   Something super bright.  Will be posting them as soon as I spend sometime perusing art websites.

Oh and don’t forget!  I still want this piece for My living room!   Get it! For some reason it calls to Me!! Or you can Paypal Me $330 so I can ship it straight to My home.  Contact ME for the size, frame and matting I want.  I need it pretty large sized.



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toiletbrush hits the bottle again! Forced intoxication Rocks!

toiletbrush hits the bottle again! Forced intoxication Rocks!

Etsy Ring –yet another!

$100 for every shot toiletbrush does.  So far I’m up to $400 $600! So far $800 $1000 from toiletbrush’s drunken phone party!

$400 from toiletbrush and $100 shopping.  I have him drinking beer again and soon it will be time for shots!  I see a financial ass raping in his future.  Drink up, slavie!

Cache Python dress size L or this Python Dress *asap
Cache Butterfly Top size L
Cache Purple Top size L  fatmac
Lace Up Wrap Top size L
Cache Summer Sweater size L
Cache Button Top size L
Sale Cache Blouse size L

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