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Todays Goodies! SCORE!

2 brand new MacBook Air from pigsnot!

Awsome smelling leather Born boots and a pair of Hudson jeans from slavey davey.  A pair of Athleta work out pants came too, but I had put them in the washer so they missed the photo op.
fulfilled work-out items
Capri  Tall L, Black fatmac
Shorts for HRC  get S fatmac
Chaturanga pants  L in Tall in Black fatmac
Bermuda Short size L in Black slavey davey
Shorts for HRC size XS fatmac
Bra Top size L Tall in black heather slavey davey
Velocity Top purple slavey davey
KickBooty pants slavey davey

I mailed MY shoes today, tommikins and pantystain!  Keep a look-out!


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My boys make My life so easy!

My boys make My life so easy!

tom the turd sent $200 amazon GC for the Boho Chic bedspread and pillow shams!  It’s about time you came out of hiding and started doing your turdly duties, tom turd!  Keep it coming!

$500 from sissy tommikins!  HA!  he drove by the adult bookstore and there were a few police cruisers parked in front.so no dick today for tommikins.  Total frownie face!

Received $100 cash from pantystain in the mail. Received $100 from fratboy slave.who is no longer a fratboy.he’s just a cheap fat boy.

The other day we went to Home Depot so fatmac quickly sent an Home Dept E-certificate to cover some of Our purchases.  After Our shopping, we went out for dinner and sent him another picture of Our tab and he quickly covered that! fatmac is so fucking under MY pretty thumb!

On another re-decorating rampage. Re-painted the laundry room and re-did a dresser in there.  Having My local boy install white bead-board wainscoting to cover up some brick in the laundry room.  Yay!  Accepting HomeDepot and Lowes gift certificates.  I know most of you have a Home Depot credit card.  Get your ass to H.D. and buy gift cards if you want to use your store credit because they won’t let you buy H.D. gift cards with H.D. credit cards for some reason.

Buy Me HomeDepot E-gift cards!

MORE ETSY GIFT CARDS!  I am so addicted to Etsy! Art, decor, jewelry, oils!

Why is the Boho Chic bedding still on My Amazon Wishlist, you skanky hoes?! fulfilled by tom the turd

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Valentine’s Treats for your Sweety!

Valentine's Treats for your Sweety!

We wanna go to this restaurant called The Pearl.  Get Us gift cards for it!

Update:  $1,000 from sissy tommikins!! The pictures I sent of Us on hockey night were just too amazing!  he caved and immediately paid!  yaaaay!!

screwy stewy  I sent you the email for the email I want you to send the cash to.  That other email is no longer active, so make sure not to send to it.

screwy stewy: My framed art showed up today! LOVE IT!  I also decided to send back 2 of the 3 cast iron candle holders you got Me.  They were WAY bigger than I imagined.  Hopefully Amazon will give ME the credit.  This return was a bit different, because it was such a big box.  Keep an eye on your credit card statement and if you get any amazon refunds let ME know, so you can quickly compensate Me!

Make My Heart Beat Faster with COLD HARD CASH for Valentine’s Day!  Since I started totally ignoring My birthdays, this is now MY Holiday.  My sweety took the day off and we will be spending it together. Wining, dining..and other ing words you are not even allowed to think about.  you will all stay close to your computers sending Me your cash or shopping MY wishlist and fulfilling MY every heart’s desire.  Feel free to fuel your desire for Me with liquor as you click pay buttons and max your credit cards!  **Pinky wave!**

fagarina! Did you buy your new wig yet, you flaming fairy berry?

I can’t get enough of Etsy and it’s one-of-kind items.  Also.I try to choose items made from Females.  So your money goes to an artistic Woman and I get the item I want!
Infinite Beauty Knick-knack
Mermaid Box
Magic Knick-knack


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Send your $ LOVE $ to your Bitchy Valentine!

Send your $ LOVE $ to your Bitchy Valentine!

Another $800 from sissy tommikins!!  The adult bookstore had a porn star there signing DVD’s so they had the booths chained off.  No dick for tommikins tonight.  he’s so sad.  he’s sniffing the pits on MY dress to cheer himself up! We just added up tommikins’ donations for the last 30 days. he sent $7,600!!!  Funniest thing!?  his fairy wand was hard as a rock as I rattled off the amounts and he entered them in his calculator! hahahaha!

pantystain also has been hitting My wishlist! Way to go, boys!  I finally got his package sent off to him.  I’m sure he’ll be running back to paypal as soon as he smells My perfume!

toiletbrush!  Valentine’s Day is coming.  Contact ME, I want more flowers!

Princess fan  Email ME about the WHBM return.  Did they send MY gift card to Me?

fatmac just bought My sister V the Great a new $300 phone.  haha! his head is always spinning in 10 directions trying to serve My entire Posse.

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weak loser gets taken for a spin! moneyslaves you are Mine!

weak loser gets taken for a spin! moneyslaves you are Mine!

Update: Another $500 from sissy tommikins!  Tomorrow he’s going out to suck more dick in the bookstore.  you don’t even understand how many dicks I have made him suck over the years!

weak loser ended the night after doing $925.  That’s the most he’s EVER done in one night.  Read about how weak in the knees he gets while being pinky-wrapped by Me!

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Working On New Membership Subscription System

Working On New Membership Subscription System

I’m screwing around with MY journal template to make it look a bit different.  you will also have to sign-up to leave comments and see any entries I decide to make “private”.  I was getting shitload of spam comments.

Well boys and girls.  Switching MY membership to MY merchant account is taking Me a bit of time. First I had to get a shopping cart, password-admin thing  installed that did ALL the things that ccbill does–which is a feat on it’s own.  CCbill was way easy to use, but why pay them when I can get every dime?!  So anyway I have that all installed. Now I have to migrate all you assholes out of ccbill.  So you will all have to re-sign up.  I will be sending all My current subscribers a link to join and they will get the first month free as an extra incentive to suck you fuckers in and also award you for your loyalty and also make up for any days loss on your current subscription.   Many of you have been members for years despite the fact that I have been lazy about updates.  Good boys! heeehee. So anyway, old members will be getting a super special first month free link.  If you aren’t already signed up , you won’t get it. If you sign up today on ccbill.you still won’t get it.   For those who signed up years and years ago when the price was like $15.I will send you a link to resign up at that super low price.  You deserve it for loyally subscribing and never canceling for soo many years (I did that probably 7 years ago!)  I won’t be adding the new gallery until the new sign up is set up.  If you are one of MY regular donation makers, you can email ME and beg to see a few more of the photos.   Keep the faith, bitches.  The new gallery will be available soon. Don’t cancel your ccbill membership yet, though. Wait until I have everything finished and give you the go.

$1,000 from stewy , $500 from senor doggy, $1,000 from twinkie!  $1,200 from sharon’s husband. ha!  Silly lesbian! Dicks are for straight chicks!

Register for MY journal here.

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Hot Off The Press

Hot Off The Press

Wearing the dress toiletbrush bought.  toiletbrush you owe ME $5,000 dollars. DON’T even contact Me until you are ready to cough it up.  you are SOOO lucky I even wear your dress. The highheel shoe-ies from stewy most screwy!


I’ll be adding a few big shots to members. Don’t buy a membership yet if you don’t have one. I am going to try to migrate ccbill to my own merchant account because I finally figured out a way to have password management that works just like ccbill–without the huge ccbill rates.  Yay!  If you have a membership, you’ll be signing up for the new billing shortly.

Been yanking cash from fucks left and right, $500 from pedro, $450 from pathetic wimp,  $300 from sierra’s boy, $1000 from a brand new fuck..is old with yellow teeth and screams really loud when I have him slam his dick and balls in dresser doors..so I think old yeller will be fitting.  $500 from uncle pigfucker, $100 I just discovered from sissy missy, and more more items purchased from stewy including another windows 7 upgrade. 🙂  Logged into my old moneybookers account which has been inactive since they stopped letting europeans send USA money and found $300 sitting in there.

A friend of Mine had to spend a few nights in the hospital, so I was hanging there for a few days which was why I have been a bit hard to get a hold of.  Since I have new photos featuring lots of leg, heels and stockings–I can count on the fact that it’s gonna be a busy week for Me!


What the hell??  Can My face get any more perfect?  Earrings and necklace by stewey!

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