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Generous Goddess Takes your Cash!

I think this is the dress I will be sending pantystain.  Aren’t I the sweetest this week?  Now send your cash, assholes!

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Paypigs, moneyslaves, shopping slaves!

Yaaay!! Just got 1,000 from clarissa!  clap clap clap!

Ponte Jacket size L
Shimmer Sweater size L

MORE Cache Stuff I want NOW!!
Scroll Dress L on sale
Cache Dress in size L

Boston Proper
Black Cardigan size L Black or Red..you pick
Tipped V-neck Sweater size L get the Black w/ White Trim
Winter Sweater Vest Size L

Camp shirt L
Cable Jacket L
Striped Sweater Jacket L

MultiHoop Earrings

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moneyslavery at it’s finest

moneyslavery at it's finest

I’m going to try to take pics this week in the purple and red dress I got not long ago.  Since it’s freezing outside and I hate running around in weather like this, you might actually get them this time! yaaay!

pantyhose kevin gave Me a ring while under the influence! The night cost him $1100 and he signed up for $200 recurring billing every 2 weeks.  FUNNESS!!  $1,000 from Princess fan.  About fucking time, ASSHOLE!

New coats, hats, headbands, jeans came in this week.  FUCK, I love goodies in the mail.  My fedex guy thanked Me for all the good business I give them.  fatmac I’ll try to get a pic of My friend in Her new red jacket or vest. It really looks good on Her!

I’m going to buy  a new dresser this weekend.  Only thing I like more than furniture shopping is TRUCK shopping!  fagarina, I’m replacing one of the dressers you bought Me.   you should be the one who pays for it!  Do you remember where you got the bedroom set??

pigsnot, I’ve been wearing those warm Sorel boots you got Me.  It’s been snowing.  BEST SNOW BOOTS EVER!!! Couldn’t be happier with a waterproof boot!

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moneyslave wanker addict

moneyslave wanker addict

fagarina get ME this bathroom rug.   I also marked a pair of flipflops on amazon I need for vacation.  Make sure they get here before sept 7.  fatmac there’s a pair marked for you to get too.

Oh forgot to mention wanker addict did another $1,000!  Where did you go wanker addict? I wasn’t done wankin’ your wallet, wanksta!

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screwy stewy shopping slave


Hair Nectar  get the fanatic size in Pomegranate Guava  fulfilled by hairlip who obviously loves to buy Me hair product

$500 of gift cards from World Market.  I saw this wine cabinet I want and it’s not available online.  Someone get Me some gift cards so I can go it!

Another Hair Towelfulfilled by twinkie I keep reading good things about this one, so I want to try this one too.  It’s suppose to keep My curlies frizz free.  Go to place your order and get the white towel with the vinyl bag.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO SCREWY STEWEY! I just received the $500 amazon.co.uk gift certificates you sent, but DID NOT claim them because amazon.co.uk gc’s are almost useless to Me.  I can pretty much only order cd’s and books from there.  See if you can cancel IMMEDIATELY and either send Me $500 cash or $500 AMAZON.com GC’s.  you will also be paying an exta big penalty for inconveniencing Me.    Oh stewy.you can’t resist spoiling Me after viewing My newest photos!  Those eyes, that hair, those lips!  you are FUCKED!  Email Me asap!  stewey managed to get a refund from amazon.co.uk and sent cold hard cash instead. 🙂


Oh what the hell. Here’s another one!  paypig$$$ was so excited to see the picture of his cashola that he sent another $300 online tribute, twinkie sent $600, fatmac got stuck with some shopping and cheesedick the cheese king sent $400.  Oh screwy stewy, I’m going to see if I can exchange those outdoor lights you bought.  They were kinda too huge for the garage.  They are really MASSIVE lamps.  Anyway, I emailed them to find out if they can do straight exchanges or whether they will have to credit your account and reorder.  I’ll email you when I find out more.


Unroyal fool your $1,000 just arrived!  your tragic little cartoons always make Me giggle.  Get to sucking.


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