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you are so grateful for ME!

Pay up, turkeys!

Also check out slavey davey’s Thanksgiving performance!

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Me and your money belong together Forever!!

Update!! Within minutes of Tweeting the link to this blog, mystery pig sent $500 more!!

This cash was all davidansar’s!  Now it’s MINE!  he sends at least $100 a week.  Slow and steady but it adds up!  Doesn’t it make the rest of you want to run to the bank tomorrow, empty out your checking and savings and send it to ME in a fat lump!? Imagine viewing a photo of ME flashing your cash and smiling happily!!

Let’s see…most interesting thing that has happened lately has been witnessing speedydick’s endless cycle of shame!  he sent $1,000 within 2 days! After sending the latest payment on Monday, he said he “needed a break.”  But ya’ll know how that goes!!  he will be back next pay day with a gay stiffy, whispering on the phone, spurting jizz and tears, whining about how hopelessly addicted he is to ME!  And I will LAUGH. AND LAUGH.  AND LAUGH!!

mystery pig missed his bi-weekly alert pay by like a week!!…(shame on him) but by the Power of MY Tweets he couldn’t stay away for long.  he sent $500  and I expect he will be sending  another generous tribute in two weeks! My phone alerts have been reset.  I will summon you through Twitter, My mysterious little pay puppy.

sissy tommikins is such a good forever-slave.  he sent $500 as usual.  hairlip has been paying his daily tributes and reciting and texting ME his daily prayers first thing every morning.  he also paid $200 and sent Us $250 worth of Verizon gift cards to cover Our mobile phone services,  pantystain sent $200 and did a little shopping.  wimpdick has also joined in on sending small daily tributes after saying his morning slave affirmations.  This has really improved his attitude and mindset,  putting him on the DIVINE Path to forever slavery!  slavey davey has been doing some shopping for ME .  We are revving up for his next sissy fashion show!  I made him order a ridiculous unicorn sissy outfit for his next dorky video debut!

Oh zippy slave!  I know you are trying to recover…but umm..nah.  I forbid it.  Come back and give ME more of that money!

I didn’t really keep track of all the random tributes and square payments from passing pervs. They are rather unmemorable; as are random pervs.

Say your daily affirmations.  Follow them on MY Twitter and study them on FemGod.comdavidansar has been keeping track of them here for Me.

SEND your cash to your Divine Creator.

Note: I am also collecting gift certificates for Alaska and Delta Airlines because next year or so We anticipate traveling a lot to the North West.  Send AT LEAST $500 at a time.

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Princess Sierra will blow your mind!

Princess Sierra
Go ahead, weakling.  Make MY day.  Now is the time to give your life to Princess!

mystery pig!  UPDATE!! he sent it!! mystery pig sent $700!!!   I summoned you again on twitter.  It’s been over 2 weeks since your last mysterious cash offering.  Get that pig ass in gear!

Have you boys been catching My daily affirmations I have been posting on MY twitter?  They are designed to retrain your mushy man-brains.  My words tap into your subconscious and change old belief systems that do not serve MY best interests.  I recommend you save them, print them out and recite daily.

Pretty busy today.  Will update when I get some free time.

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moneyslaves who ride the green bus to Femdom

moneyslaves who ride the green bus to Femdom

Jesus Christ, some of these guys who have served other financial-type dommes are complete jackasses!  THIS IS PRINCESS SIERRA you are dealing with, bitchboys!  I AM GOD and I EXPECT absolute respect at all times.  I don’t cater to your demands!  I owe you nothing!  you have no fucking rights as slaves!  ARE you KIDDING ME!?!   Whatever nasty habits you picked up serving girls on Niteflirt , you can fucking LEAVE behind at Niteflirt!!  EVERYTHING is on MY terms!  MY FUCKING terms!  This is an ENTIRELY different universe you are in now, assholes!  I am the CENTER of it.  Everything gravitates around ME.you are nothing more than cosmic dust!

$500 from a new slave who also signed-up for $50 a week recurred billing.  I haven’t named him yet and am not even sure if he will have a place in MY stable because he’s turning out to be sort of wishy-washy.  I will give him a few more days to prove his worth.  $200 from wimpdick.    twinkie did some shopping and sent $300 today too.

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