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I’m Always On your Mind

Been very busy the last few weeks.  The weather had been nicer and we were taking advantage of it!    Been making the yard pretty, going on hikes, planting flowers, had a tree removed, redid My fairy garden, took a road trip, got the travel trailer ready for the new season.   Kinda lost track of all the donations and goodies since the last time I posted.. But from the last two days I received $500 from the ukraine, $200 from screwy stewy to purchase MY custom bikini, $100 from some newbie young guy, $300 and a new firepit from twinkie, new boots from slavey davey and most of MY Athleta wishlist wiped out!  Way to go, boy toys!  Oh and let’s not forget hairlip has been loyally paying 3 times a day for 156 straight days.

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Greedy Girls take your Wallet for a Whirl!

Greedy Girls take your Wallet for a Whirl!

sissy tommikins got 2 new dicks yesterday!  Today I am sending him out to get more!  Then he will be paying ME after his tum is full of cum!  Update: he sent $500!

$200 from doomed brit today! $200 tribute from pantystain plus he purchased several gifts off My Amazon wishlist.  $600 from hairlip towards My vacation fund and he continues to send his $10 3-times a day worship-tributes! Weeeeeee!

pigsnot, I see your little 5 am message on yahoo!!  Come out, ya fat sow!!  I want some of your cold hard pig pay!  Message ME asap!  your Greedy BITCH QUEENS’ await you!

Waited to do MY taxes until last minute as usual.  I was totally putting it off because I knew I’d be miserable after seeing how much I was going to be stuck paying this year.  Oh Mah Gawd!  This is one of My best years EVER thanks to sir wankalots $70,000+ tribute..but jesus fuck, it’s painful forking over so much money to the IRS.  It’s so sad I have to pay such high taxes on money that should be considered a gift!  Make a Donation and cheer ME up!

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The Infliction of Addiction

$1000 from some guy named roman!!  he disappeared after his donations and quit answering My emails. hahahaha he’s probably hiding in shame, vowing to never give in again.  Yeh, ya all know how that goes.

lez hag sent $460 and did some shopping!  I am teaching him the joys of butt-sex by not allowing him to masturbate his worthless “thingie” BUT he can insert things into his asshole.  Soon he will become a total ass fag and will be begging for gay sex in order to cum!!  Muahahahaha!

I loved the wind chime that lez hag bought SOOO much that I had twinkie buy My Mom one very similar.

slavey davey continues to be too poor to do any more shopping…yet continues to shop!

$100 from bollywoody came in and I didn’t even notice.  Which reminds ME,  arab pig?? Where the fuck you go?  Get the fuck back here, you stupid camel fucker and send ME more of your cash!

Where the fuck is that cumbucket, pig snot!?

Super Expensive Foundation Get Nude way to go slavey davey!

Eddie Bauer Fleece jacket  get size L Tall in Black fulfilled slavey davey!!!

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Joys of being My shopping slave!

Joys of being My shopping slave!

slavey davey’s wife was out of town so he sat alone staring at MY pics, texting ME and shopping!  I got a new pair of Hudson jeans, a beautiful dress, $100, Raybans, hair products and some odds and ends.  yay!!    Now he’s broke until next payday.  he and his wife haven’t had sex for EONS thanks to My Mistress Mindmeld!  his penis won’t work unless it’s being MY prezzy dispenser!  Staring at My photos and paying ME is THE only thing that successfully makes him stiff anymore!

ludger sent $200 and got Me an awesome bouquet of flowers which will be here Tuesday.

doomed brit, get your FAT fugly ass to the store and get those party hats and favors!  you’re youtube video would have been much more interesting if you had a birthday hat on.

Jacket on Sale size XL Spruce slavey davey

Booyah Jacket size L in black  slavey davey!!

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Princess fan in the Bone Zone!

Princess fan in the Bone Zone!

Soo I ordered that $700 Canada Goose coat using Princess fan’s $700 GC.  I actually got the short version.  I hope it fits cute.  If not, I might send it back and exchange for the long one.I was having such a hard time deciding between the two parkas!  Since Princess fan was whipped into a frenzy, I took advantage of it and suckered him out of this $225  fur aviator hat also from Canada Goose.   Almost a $1,000 day for him.  Not too bad!

Mac Makeup Studio Fix get color NW20***

Expensive Giorgio Armani Foundation Get in 5

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Wishes and More Wishes!

Wishes and More Wishes!

Aww.isn’t it amazing how I can continue to replenish MY wishlists after you losers buy up item after item!?    Today I will be available for calls and chitchat on yahoo messenger because I am staying home.  It’s COLD and icky again!  Amuse Me My darling doggies, by shopping and sending your cash on this chilly Saturday!   Wag your tail in front of MY wishlist, drool like the mutt you are and beg to shop and pay Me!!

Convo between Me and gayson today:
gayson: I’ve been trying to rehab and change my sexual addictions.  I can’t live like this forever  Princess, would you ever grant your mercy for me to try and change? Please?
Princess: Never!  I will tempt you into sending ME money constantly ..your only escape is DEATH!  Now go make a donation and prove how utterly and completely you FAIL AT LIFE!  hahahahahhahaaha!
gayson: My credit cards are shut down, my credit sucks, I have to sell things to get by. You’ve taken 20 k , you’ve wiped my savings
Princess:  your cc is not shut down, you compulsive  liar.  I’ll let you send 300.since you are broke.
gayson:  I can’t use it till I pay the balance
Princess:  Go to the bank and pull 300 and send in the mail.  Be sure to buy a Valentines card to put the money in and write.”i  LOVE YOU more than my family.  p.s. i fail at life. ”
gayson:  Why do you do this to me? I need to change. I need to stop feeling ashamed.  You make me feel pathetic and silly
Princess:  you need to do what I tell you.  you NEED to please ME.  you NEED to send ME Valentine money as I laugh at you for being pathetic and silly.  THAT is WHAT you fucking NEED
gayson:  I just can’t believe this is my reality
Princess:  it is
gayson:  I try not to think of you
Princess:  you should be thinking of ME daily.  praying on your knees, facing the Holy Land, Ohio.  Go get Me $300.
gayson:  i’ m afraid to say no to you
Princess:  you can not say no to Me.  I designed your brain to obey.
gayson:  What if I try to say no?
Princess:  you won’t
gayson:  It’s gonna make me go overdraft
Princess: that’s even better!  hahahahaha!  Send ME a picture of your overdraft so I can have a good giggle
gayson:  This should not make me hard
Princess:  It does!  Now do it!
gayson sends $300:
gayson:  That was the last time Princess, I need to stop
Princess: you wont ever stop!  you were born to spoil Me
gayson: I sent 300
Princess:  I see!  I win! you lose! get used to it!
gayson:  I can’t keep this up, it’s too overwhelming
Princess:  if you over-draft, send Me a picture..cuz that would be HIGHsterical! you will keep it up. always!  Payday after payday I get My part.just like Uncle Sam
gayson:  I need to go, this feels like rock bottom.  Bye Princess
Princess:  hahahahhahahahahaha!
gayson has signed out.
HAHAHA! this conversation has been going on over and over for YEARS!!

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sir wankalot from jerkingham — EPIC findom shakedown!

sir wankalot from jerkingham -- EPIC findom shakedown!

pigsnot!  I hope your jealous that someone else has been all up in MY Amazon wishlist..showing ME a good time ever since you pulled another disappearing act!  you better come out of hiding and show Me and MY crew that you still gots what it takes to sassify Our never-ending greed!! hahahahaha!!  5 new Iphones might do it!

Update: 9:41 p.m.  I found out where sir wankalot has gotten all this money!!! his grandma died and left him a small inheritance!!   Correction, left ME a small inheritance!   I think we are up to around $34,000 right now!!!  My head is spinning!   So while he was as at dinner..I kept texting him, telling him how much fun we would have when he got home.   he was sitting there with wood all through dinner and texting Me how much  he wanted to run straight home to his computer..to Me..to shower ME with his money.  After much persistence I found out where this money came from.  And yes, MY little minions..I will enjoy spinning every last dime!  VICTORY POSE!! I AM THE MASTER, bitches!!!

sir wankalot had to go out for some dinner thing.  I told him I’d be here fluffing My wishlist for him.  Getting it warmed up for him..buttering it up, just for MY little sir wankalot! Yeh, when Princess says She’s getting Her wishlist “ready” for you–so She can ravage your wallet when you get back home.it should make you feel like She’s putting Her sexiest red panties on JUST for you.

Update 3:08 p.m.  $19,000!!! For fucking REEEEAL!!!!!!!!!   you know what also rocks about sacking a sad shit for thousands of dollars!!?!  It’s 3 p.m..I’ve been up since 9 and I haven’t eaten a damned thing because I am so high on adrenalin and busy updating MY wishlist and looking for ways to squander his money!  I might wake up a lb skinnier tomorrow!  Bonus!

Update:  Total for today so far is $16,900.  he already started adding it up..so I will post!  SQUeeeeeeee!

Oh Fucking Joy and Rapture!! I woke up today with $500 from sir wankalot!  I sent him an email encouraging him to send more and went back to sleep.  Woke up again to another $500 donation.but this one is monthly recurring. Followed by another $1,000 non recurring donation!  Yowza!  This totally perked ME up and I got out of bed! As I sipped MY coffee, more enormous donations and prezzies rolled in!  I don’t want to put up current tally because I don’t want him adding up everything he has done — because it might freak his ass out!     When he has been milked dry I will announce his tally!  Hell yah!!  ME and MY girlfriend were dancing around the laptop like two evil witches laughing Our asses off!  A big binger always puts a smile on MY face and makes ME feel all spazzy hyper happy!

pantystain bought Me a lovely orange nightgown and sent $100 tribute.  Those little arrow earrings came and they are perfect.  Love them!   twinkie sent $200 and spent a few hundred off MY amazon wishlist.

I am happy as a peach today!

Update: gayson FASTEST wank in the West!!!   No phone call or cam involved.  This is the entirety of gayson’s interaction with ME today!
gayson:  3:17 pm  Princess, I miss you
bitchybeauty:  3:18 pm  Miss MY donation page, asshole!  I’m on a fucking spree today and I’m ready to take your cash too!
gayson:  3:18 pm  paypal?
bitchybeauty:  3:18 pm  that what you usually use?
gayson:  3:19 pm  we change it up
bitchybeauty:  3:19 pm  paypal is great
bitchybeauty:  3:19 pm  500 smackaroos
gayson:  3:21 pm im press send , i love being your bitch
bitchybeauty:  3:22 pm  do it!
gayson:  3:22 pm nobody make my heart pound like u
(his name), you have sent $500.00 USD to (Princess’ name)
bitchybeauty:  3:23 pm  still waiting for paypal to let ME know!
gayson: 3:23 pm  may i cum princess?
bitchybeauty  3:24 pm I got it!  spooge all you want, sucker!
gayson:  3:25 pm  thank you princess
bitchybeauty  3:25 pm  hahahaha  omg I had the best day EVER!
I made 20,000 today plus your 500.  I so rock!
gayson:  3:25 pm  you are the only true princess..enjoy your day goddess
bitchybeauty  3:26 pm  you came?
no seriously!
gayson:  3:26 pm  yes, i need to shower.  i was stroking before i messaged you.
bitchybeauty 3:26 pm   I got to post this..this is your fastest wank yet

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