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Prizes and Surprises from My loyal piglets :)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:   Looks likes some hacker got into MY aol email and sent strange spam to a BUNCH of you.  I did not send it.   DO NOT CLICK IT.  Changed password.  Everything is fine now.   Sorry about that!

Weird..photoshop won’t let you edit photos of cash anymore!.  Had to crop and resize this pic on iphoto.

$420 cash from twinkie arrived today!  I love envelopes of cash!

More loot from pigsnot!

$300 worth of Cabela’s Gift Cards for Lady Cop to use towards a gun or ammo or whatever gear She wants.

toiletbrush contact ME asap. I have some exchange and order issues with your last order from WHBM.  PLUS more shopping for you to do! senor doggy!  Send $500 on Venmo now!!  Rainy, grey boring day. Will be home tonight for chat and phonecalls with paying and generous slavie-poos!

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Paying Princess on slavegirl’s hubby’s creditcard!

Paying Princess on slavegirl's hubby's creditcard!

Sharon wound up gifting Me a total of $2,400 of Her hubby’s hard-earned cash.  Sharon doesn’t work.  I like the idea of her staying home while he works,  spending his money on Me.  I intend to get MORE of it in the future.  While other stay-at-home wives are home watching Rachel Ray, Sharon will be compulsively sending her/hubby’s cash to Me and masturbating to lesbian pornography and staring at My photos.  Real lesbian porno. No fake tits and slutty Hollywood girls slapping dildos in each other faces and faking the orgasms for male viewers.  She’s watching real lesbian erotica.  We just ordered Her a new pink rabbit sextoy that she gets to call Princess.  WilyGPrincess — her new BFF.  Hell, I need more unhappy housewives married to small-dick men.all paying Me with their hubbies’ credit cards!  This shit is fun!

pantystain has done a little shopping lately.  he got Me a few blouses, a book, cosmetics and some other stuff I forgot.

$400 from twinkie

All you lurkers: IT’s TIME!

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weak loser gets taken for a spin! moneyslaves you are Mine!

weak loser gets taken for a spin! moneyslaves you are Mine!

Update: Another $500 from sissy tommikins!  Tomorrow he’s going out to suck more dick in the bookstore.  you don’t even understand how many dicks I have made him suck over the years!

weak loser ended the night after doing $925.  That’s the most he’s EVER done in one night.  Read about how weak in the knees he gets while being pinky-wrapped by Me!

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sissy tommikins pays big bucks to suck! Pay slave!

sissy tommikins pays big bucks to suck! Pay slave!

sissy tommikins bought Me the leather jacket and My friend the bird feeder.  Then after spending his cash on Us, he did his usual and sucked dick in his favorite seedy adult bookstore. Yay!  Keep in mind, he spent around $700 a few days ago.  What a good little pricklicker he is!  sissy tommikins is definitely one of MY faves.

$500 from the ukraine and I saw his lameness on cam today.  The only thing fuglier than a Made In America dick..is uncircumcised European dick.  ewww.

$300 from someone who claims to be a female..however, until I see her on webcam I will be convinced she is male and she will be treated as such until she proves otherwise.

fatmac sent My friend 3 cool shirts from Buckle.  She LOVES!  Her favorite one is the dark one.  Looks great on Her!

I’ve gotten a request for cigarette photos recently.  I haven’t smoked FOREVER! Maybe 10 years or something.and even then, I wasn’t a regular smoker.  There is no way I will do smoking pictures again.  Cigs and cigarette smoke really grosses Me out now.  So get a new fetish.

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Look Into My Eyes and Obey! Financial Fuckery awaits you.

Kinda similar to the other one, but pretty! I do wish that one little hair on My forehead wasn’t there messing up My perfect shot.

If you owe ME $1,000 penalty fee  and an apology for being a liar, asshole or rude-ass mother fucker..I suggest you pay it, because this is the face that will haunt you for the rest of your life and the Woman who will IGNORE you for the REST of you worthless existence.  Believe Me, disappointing or offending Me is the first step to a life of disaster and loneliness.  If you are responsible for erasing that radiant smile from MY face for just one, single moment in time..you have failed as both a sub and a man.  I suggest you remedy the situation before dooming yourself to a very empty life without ME.

sissy tommikins!  All your prezzies got here!  $300 purse, lawnmower and the Naked 2 Eyeshadow!  LOVE IT ALL!

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