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My boys make My life so easy!

My boys make My life so easy!

tom the turd sent $200 amazon GC for the Boho Chic bedspread and pillow shams!  It’s about time you came out of hiding and started doing your turdly duties, tom turd!  Keep it coming!

$500 from sissy tommikins!  HA!  he drove by the adult bookstore and there were a few police cruisers parked in front.so no dick today for tommikins.  Total frownie face!

Received $100 cash from pantystain in the mail. Received $100 from fratboy slave.who is no longer a fratboy.he’s just a cheap fat boy.

The other day we went to Home Depot so fatmac quickly sent an Home Dept E-certificate to cover some of Our purchases.  After Our shopping, we went out for dinner and sent him another picture of Our tab and he quickly covered that! fatmac is so fucking under MY pretty thumb!

On another re-decorating rampage. Re-painted the laundry room and re-did a dresser in there.  Having My local boy install white bead-board wainscoting to cover up some brick in the laundry room.  Yay!  Accepting HomeDepot and Lowes gift certificates.  I know most of you have a Home Depot credit card.  Get your ass to H.D. and buy gift cards if you want to use your store credit because they won’t let you buy H.D. gift cards with H.D. credit cards for some reason.

Buy Me HomeDepot E-gift cards!

MORE ETSY GIFT CARDS!  I am so addicted to Etsy! Art, decor, jewelry, oils!

Why is the Boho Chic bedding still on My Amazon Wishlist, you skanky hoes?! fulfilled by tom the turd

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