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Hot Off The Press

Hot Off The Press

Wearing the dress toiletbrush bought.  toiletbrush you owe ME $5,000 dollars. DON’T even contact Me until you are ready to cough it up.  you are SOOO lucky I even wear your dress. The highheel shoe-ies from stewy most screwy!


I’ll be adding a few big shots to members. Don’t buy a membership yet if you don’t have one. I am going to try to migrate ccbill to my own merchant account because I finally figured out a way to have password management that works just like ccbill–without the huge ccbill rates.  Yay!  If you have a membership, you’ll be signing up for the new billing shortly.

Been yanking cash from fucks left and right, $500 from pedro, $450 from pathetic wimp,  $300 from sierra’s boy, $1000 from a brand new fuck..is old with yellow teeth and screams really loud when I have him slam his dick and balls in dresser doors..so I think old yeller will be fitting.  $500 from uncle pigfucker, $100 I just discovered from sissy missy, and more more items purchased from stewy including another windows 7 upgrade. 🙂  Logged into my old moneybookers account which has been inactive since they stopped letting europeans send USA money and found $300 sitting in there.

A friend of Mine had to spend a few nights in the hospital, so I was hanging there for a few days which was why I have been a bit hard to get a hold of.  Since I have new photos featuring lots of leg, heels and stockings–I can count on the fact that it’s gonna be a busy week for Me!


What the hell??  Can My face get any more perfect?  Earrings and necklace by stewey!

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