pigsnot! Takes a credit card bopping but keeps on SHOPPING!

toiletbrush I need to return/ exchange the brown leather jacket!! Get back to ME.I’m not sending back to refund unless you replace first. I will send the other jacket back for REFUND for you.  Hurry up.there aren’t many left.

Princess fan..I will unblock you when My money gets here.  your emails will all be ignored until that time.  I’m sick of you.

pigsnot, I added MY items!  They are listed by priority!!  I expect to see them all disappear! wimpdick is drunk on tequila and just sent another $450!  yay wimpdick!  screwy stewy sent $200 tonight too.

The earrings are from toiletbrush.  P.S. toiletbrush you owe ME $400.  $200 for the order that didn’t work and $200 for not fixing it last night and being a whiney bitch.

pigsnot I’m heading to MY nail appointment but will add more stuff to MY list when I get back!

pigsnot just called!   When I asked if he was done shopping..he stammered.  he still couldn’t say he was officially “done”.   haha!  he asked to do another $900 shopping each!   Yes, pay those credit cards down just enough for the Greedy Goddesses of your dreams can max them again!  This will bring his total closer to $34,000  now. 🙂  I just called Stevie and gave Her the good news.  Back to amazon We go!  pigsnot!!   Re-email that info about the elliptical.  I just called the UPS store and they haven’t gotten the box yet.  I’ll have somebody pick it up with a dolly for Me.

wimpdick’s wedding ring on My thumb.  Divorce your wives and marry My abuse!  wimpdick’s wife actually divorced him when she caught on he was squeezing into her lingerie under MY command.

Can you imagine just why She’d want to divorce him?

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7 thoughts on “pigsnot! Takes a credit card bopping but keeps on SHOPPING!

  1. avatarscrewystewy

    Oh dear Princess Sierra – this really isn’t fair, You posting such a beautiful picture of Your beautiful self. How is anyone supposed to resist that? i have indeed made the $200 donation You demanded, but now i have nothing – nothing left. And the even more pathetic thing is that although i will hate myself in the morning i will still love and worship You. Oh, Princess, when will You ever have pity on us pathetic minions and spare us from the intoxication of Your beauty?



    Princess Reply:

    Of course you can’t resist My beauty and of course I will never stop luring you into My web! Yay…I’m happy to take your $200..and even MORE happy that it’s left you strapped for the week! heehee. I sent you an email.


  2. avatarsenor doggy

    What an amazing pic of Princess Sierra! It is only a matter of time until she displays my wedding ring like a trophy too.



    wimpdick Reply:

    i know. That is a gorgeous pic of Princess! As for my wedding ring- it just blows my mind what Princess has done to me… i used to be “normal” and married. Now Princess is displaying me and my wedding ring like a trophy. She has my ring and has turned me into Her high-heeled bitch. i wonder where it will all end.



    tomtheturd Reply:

    Hey, wimpdick, your pics are kinda hot. Kinda.


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