Wishes and More Wishes!

Wishes and More Wishes!

Aww.isn’t it amazing how I can continue to replenish MY wishlists after you losers buy up item after item!?    Today I will be available for calls and chitchat on yahoo messenger because I am staying home.  It’s COLD and icky again!  Amuse Me My darling doggies, by shopping and sending your cash on this chilly Saturday!   Wag your tail in front of MY wishlist, drool like the mutt you are and beg to shop and pay Me!!

Convo between Me and gayson today:
gayson: I’ve been trying to rehab and change my sexual addictions.  I can’t live like this forever  Princess, would you ever grant your mercy for me to try and change? Please?
Princess: Never!  I will tempt you into sending ME money constantly ..your only escape is DEATH!  Now go make a donation and prove how utterly and completely you FAIL AT LIFE!  hahahahahhahaaha!
gayson: My credit cards are shut down, my credit sucks, I have to sell things to get by. You’ve taken 20 k , you’ve wiped my savings
Princess:  your cc is not shut down, you compulsive  liar.  I’ll let you send 300.since you are broke.
gayson:  I can’t use it till I pay the balance
Princess:  Go to the bank and pull 300 and send in the mail.  Be sure to buy a Valentines card to put the money in and write.”i  LOVE YOU more than my family.  p.s. i fail at life. ”
gayson:  Why do you do this to me? I need to change. I need to stop feeling ashamed.  You make me feel pathetic and silly
Princess:  you need to do what I tell you.  you NEED to please ME.  you NEED to send ME Valentine money as I laugh at you for being pathetic and silly.  THAT is WHAT you fucking NEED
gayson:  I just can’t believe this is my reality
Princess:  it is
gayson:  I try not to think of you
Princess:  you should be thinking of ME daily.  praying on your knees, facing the Holy Land, Ohio.  Go get Me $300.
gayson:  i’ m afraid to say no to you
Princess:  you can not say no to Me.  I designed your brain to obey.
gayson:  What if I try to say no?
Princess:  you won’t
gayson:  It’s gonna make me go overdraft
Princess: that’s even better!  hahahahaha!  Send ME a picture of your overdraft so I can have a good giggle
gayson:  This should not make me hard
Princess:  It does!  Now do it!
gayson sends $300:
gayson:  That was the last time Princess, I need to stop
Princess: you wont ever stop!  you were born to spoil Me
gayson: I sent 300
Princess:  I see!  I win! you lose! get used to it!
gayson:  I can’t keep this up, it’s too overwhelming
Princess:  if you over-draft, send Me a picture..cuz that would be HIGHsterical! you will keep it up. always!  Payday after payday I get My part.just like Uncle Sam
gayson:  I need to go, this feels like rock bottom.  Bye Princess
Princess:  hahahahhahahahahaha!
gayson has signed out.
HAHAHA! this conversation has been going on over and over for YEARS!!

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