paypig conga line!!

Everyone is falling off the wagon!!  The last few days has been a steady stream of weaklings crawling to Me on their knees and offering their wallets!

First let’s talk about lesbian power shopper!  he used to serve long ago..well now  he’s back and in the zone!  he has spent SOOO much!!!    he sent $300 cash.  Today he bought $400 Cabela gift cards!  he TOTALLY cleaned MY wishlist up!  I’ve posted a tally here.   It’s been FUCKING AWESOME!!!  Boxes are stacked high at MY door every day!   We scored some bad ass camping and backpacking gear!!  Nothing rocks My world as much an EPIC WALLET RAPE!!!  We’ve been bouncing around the house in total glee!!
We interrupt this blog post to bring you this important message.


tom the turd got in on the fun too and bought $200 of SouthWest gift cards and some heavy duty mudflaps for the truck!  A brand new german guy sent $200 and bought $50 Cabela’s card. Then lo and behold,  louz-er sent this email “Everyone was having so much fun falling off the wagon but I was right at my credit limit. Woot! Increase request accepted. Thank You, Princess!”  accompanied with a $500 donation!   Oooh isn’t this fun!??!   Who’s next!?!?!  Pay your $500 admission fee and let the $buck$-fucking begin!

Oh and let’s not forget the nice little $100 bill I got in the mail today from david.  you better have the next one in the mail as planned.

hairlip…you are behind!  The HOLY LESBIAN TRINITY are not pleased with you right now.  3 pair of angry eyes are upon you!

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