The paypal fairies sprinkle ME with $$$$!

The paypal fairies sprinkle ME with $$$$!

Update:  tommikins sent $1,000 total!  he was dying to diddle his dinky and couldn’t resist, even though he totally couldn’t afford it!  Took like 7 seconds! hahahaha!

sissy tommikins had to take a break for a few weeks and straighten himself financially after MY last wallet thumping! I rode that credit card like a regular buckaroo!!   Tonight I fleeced the fagalicous cock-fluffer sissy tommikins out of $500 .  he sucked 4 dicks in a row to celebrate!  If he sends another $500 tonight I will let him pet his pickle.  If he can’t afford it, he will just have to suffer and hold all that sissy syrup  in until he can! hahaha!
Dear Princess,
Your tommikins could not wait any longer!  The photo at the bar of You and Her Royal Copness sent me over the edge! You sent the pic to me weeks ago over time it destroyed me!  Your power, Princess!!!  I just went straight to the video store and sucked four cocks for You!  In tribute to You in addition to paypal, Princess!  I sucked three thru the gloryhole and one in the booth.  The first three were all within 15 minutes all average size and cum time  One after the other and very predictable.  Number four was orgasmic! A confident guy who strolled right in my booth, locked the door and unzipped. Awesome, muscular, raging cock. Shoved it in my face and mouth for at least another 15 minutes.  He rubbed my panties but I am saving myself for You, Princess.  The first and third cocks jerked off.  Two and four came in Your tommikins’ mouth!!!   All because I love You, Princess!

Speaking of paypal fairies!  fagarella sent $325.  What a loser.  I’m sending his loser ass out to the beauty salon to get his legs waxed and his toes painted all red and glittery.

fatmac paid for MY manicure this week and also bought HRC a great pair of boots and a leather belt from My amazon wishlist.   We just text him our demands whenever We get the urge and fatty fetches!

twinkie sent $500 and bought a few items on MY wishlist too.   Going back to enjoy My lazy sunday.



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2 thoughts on “The paypal fairies sprinkle ME with $$$$!

  1. avatarjoeygirl

    ~sissy tommikins had to diddle his dinky
    ~he licked up the mess that spilled from his winky
    ~Princess Sierra thinks this is great
    ~She charges $500 each time he masturbates!


  2. avatarFascinated by the Freakshow

    If I.m not mistaken, she’s got it to the point the freak pays her a grand before jerking. Men are so dumb, she’s taking a grand for what he could do for free. Just wish I knew where he was located so I could have him take care of my husband tonight so he’d stop bugging me. Seriously guys,your dicks are gross, I think Princess earned every cent of that grand to hear him moaning while sliding his hand on his suasage.


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