Quick update! Findom in Paradise!

Update:  So I will be spending the the summer and maybe the fall out in Montana. I’m thinking We will get there July 20th if the trip goes well. My Wife will spend a few weeks with Me but has to come back here to finish up the last months of work.  This is the plan so far…  after I get bored of being alone out there, I will winterize the house and fly back to Ohio and spend Winter here.  We will see how it goes! 

Pay for all the many new home expenses!

I will be posting 2 new Amazon wish lists.  One will be private and will only be sent to guys I really like or trust.

Oh and you assholes will be paying for a LOT of new furniture.  The house has a cabin look to it and a lot of Our furniture just isn’t going to go.  Go get a loan and take out some new credit cards because you seriously are going to need it!!  Also if you have Lowes or Home Depot cards go buy some gift cards!!

For the rest of you I will be posting the NEW HOUSE wishlist  and all the goodies will be going to Montana. I will also get a brand new mail address up there too, so all of MY boys can continue to send ME cash in the mail! 


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Closed on The House!

So you fuckers are going to have a LOT of shit to pay for:  Riding lawn mower, UTV w/ a snow plow, truck trailer, wood splitter, new wood flooring in some places, new fencing, new fixtures, new furniture…ect ect ect.  Oh! and also a small, lightweight RV trailer..We just sold the big one.   Oh and moving expenses.  We will probably move half Our stuff with a Uhaul in a few months and have movers move the bulk of it next year because We will be traveling back and forth until the Wife can finally leave permanently sometime next year. OMFG!  All Our Dreams are coming true thanks to BONER CASH! Ten of thousands of mens’ silly erections across the globe totally funded Our Mountain Dream Home. Thrilling isn’t it!?

I’m going to be obsessed with planning this move.  It will be all I talk about it.  This is a real big deal to Us! I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED you little bastards can’t understand!

I am also building another Amazon wishlist for when I am staying out West.  So there will be 2 wishlists soon–one with bigger stuff when I am there and one for Ohio.  I am leaving a lot of furniture behind because I want to get more solid wood, rustic, hand-made type furniture. you boys better start taking out small loans and applying for new credit cards.  you have a lot of shopping to do in the future!

We have excellent internet at Our new home so I won’t be cutting MYSelf off from MY loyal minions, but Our lifestyle will be changing dramatically.  We are in a quite secluded little town.  Oh!!  The views from Our property are mind boggling!  We are set on top of a hill in the middle of a beautiful valley surrounded by different mountain ranges.  While you toil at work daily, BOTH of Us will be sitting on the porch, or hiking, or fishing or camping or chasing chickens with a beer in hand.  She will be retired by My side while you WORK and NEVER STOP working. Dreamy isn’t it?  Exactly how it was meant to be.  Giving all your money to ME is just going to feel THAT much better!  Here’s to ME and HER! Here’s to US!  And here’s to you losers all going broke for US! And here’s to MY good boys who are going to spend the rest of their life laboring endlessly for the Two of Us.


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Time to slap a pig!!

Note to mystery pig: you need the stupid slapped out of you, you filthy little slug!  you missed TWO Pay Princess Days in a row!!  I kindly let you recover and didn’t get too furious when you missed the first payment over 2 weeks ago but this is going too far!  GET MY cash in!  I don’t care what goes on in your personal life or the reasons you think you couldn’t pay on second Holiest Day of the month…. MY HAPPINESS comes first!!!

Just got $300 from the priest father flatulence!  Because he didn’t pay on Easter, (which would have been more meaningful) I’m going to dive deeper and see if I can bully him into paying another $200.  Stay tuned. ** Nailed it.  Got the other $200 as well.

pssst pigsnot!  New Macbooks are out with Touch Bar!  Come out from under your rock, you old skunky cum troll!  you can’t resist buying Us the newest Apple products!


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mystery pig! Don’t be late!

Quick note to motivate My stealthy cash supplier, mystery pig! you’ve been doing a good job staying on schedule ..don’t fuck it up by being late today!  mystery pig has been anonymously sending at LEAST $1,000 every two weeks and We have been LOVING IT!!  I just have been too obsessed looking at home listings on Trulia every day to update My blog.  Seriously, I research areas We are interested in and peruse house listings for hours online every day.   Get that cash in pig!!! 

We leave for Our house hunt in about 3 weeks!  We will be driving a lot ..covering several states.  Send those big tributes in to fund Our SUV rental and Our gas and expenses.  PayThePrincess.com.  (If you have the secret pay page…use that instead.)
We used SouthWest gift cards to pay for Our flights. (rat bastard bought a lot of those!)

I made a voice clip for all you filthy maggots who are hiding from your duties.

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Great Day!

mysterypig has been a good little piggy!  he’s been paying tribute every 2 weeks like he’s been conditioned to do.  Today he sent $1,000!    Two weeks before that he sent $1,400!!!   The week before that he sent a $200 bonus and the week before that he sent $1,200!! We are so pleased with this little bitch’s performance! 

$5,000 has been deposited directly from joe’s bank into Mine!  It just got here today!!  joe hides from ME.. but when this ugly, chinless turd comes out from hiding I fucking roast the vile pig! NO MERCY for subhuman pervert binger freaks!!

Patagonia Vest in Purple!

SouthWest Sweater on Sale!

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