jack-off jackpot

Yippee!! terrance won almost $5,000 playing the lottery!!  Not exactly the jackpot–but a fun surprise! he wired the money to My business checking account (well $4,500 of it)!  I just checked My account and there it is! Kewl beans! Perfect! I finally talked a moron into fucking a cactus. Woohoo!

I’ve named this freak bleeding lamb the sacrificial sheep. I think he paid $100 or so for that treat.

Another beautiful bouquet from toiletbrush.

Well, I said I was going to be around for calls this weekend.but oops I wasn’t around. Fun weekend, great weather!  I’m going to try to buckle down and actually accept calls starting monday–(but I won’t promise to pay attention–teehee)  Going to try to get back to going to bed at a normal hours.these british freaks screw with MY sleeping habits..speaking of british freaks..there’s one I’ve really been wanting to take a bite out of lately–but he won’t answer his fucking phone. Inquiring minds want to know, deryck! Come out! Come out! Where ever you are!  Speaking of..I bought a sissydress I found cheap–Im not sure if I should give it fagarina or send it to deryck. toiletbrush spent $250 on VS for Me again and is paying for 6 mos of banner advertisement at dickie virgin again. Good boy. I’ve been enjoying MY Farscape DVD’s too! fatty, guess what?–you screwed the pooch again..you always wind up getting the wrong box of goodies. AND Where the hell is that pool order? sissymissy you still need to straighten out that payment with Me that got screwey’d up. The Ukrainian dropped his $350 donation and swallowed 1/2 gallon of week-old piss on webcam. ewwwwww $400 from dumbdog in MI, $200 from the freaky jam jam must have toejam guy.

Oh for those who wanna buy some sexy lingerie item..I want this in the pink leopard size 36C.

easy, I went to the POBOX today–and your $300 wasn’t there.  you just got penalized $100.or perhaps you’d prefer I post your wav?? For gifts made before the last few days–you wont be getting your recognition cuz I don’t feel like going through MY emails and seeing who gave what–whatever it was.I’m sure it wasn’t enough.

Oh.guys have been asking Me about using Stormpay. Fuck that shit. Stormpay blows. Do you know that you guys have to pay stormpay 12% of everything you LOAD onto the Stormpay account??? That so sucks.  That’s 12% that could go in MY pocket. My billing options are cheaper for both of us. If you want anonymous use ecount.

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