Open your hearts and wallets to PRINCESS

I had an awesome week!  sir wankalot sent $2,000 the other night!  I was so pleased!  he is getting more regular and his “hiding” is getting shorter and shorter.  Soon he will stop hiding because his servitude will become “the norm”.    Serving Me IS NORMAL.  Resisting Me is ABNORMAL.  Open your heart, mind and wallet to Princess and NEVER look back!

sharon the binger/purger female slave popped up and spent $1,100 of Her husband’s hard earned money on Me.  I made Her pack up all his favorite golf clothes and shoes and take them to a charity and I watched Her do it all on Face Time!  Good times!  After her trip to donate his manly treasures, She went home and celebrated by peeing in his mouthwash.  Always fun to play tricks on unsuspecting idiot males!  Now Sharon is back to playing a stepford wife and dreaming about being a lesbian. She sent ME another text today, swearing Me off…AGAIN! HAHA!  sharon, I can’t wait to get more of your husband’s CASH!   All the hot yoga, lattes and red wine in the world is NOT going to get ME out of your brain.  you have been trying for YEARS!  I just looked it up and you stumbled upon ME December of 2004!!  Buahahahahahahaha!

pedro has been all inspired by mrobot and his life as a living paybot.  pedro is now constantly saying “bip bip” (The Portuguese version of beep) and begging to have Me upload programming to his wee brain. hahaha!  he has sent another $400 in the last few days.

mrobot is broke until payday.  So I threw him back in his virtual cell until his next pay period.  Every now and then I send him a text saying I am peeping into his cell through the peephole.  When paybots aren’t PAYING..paybots are working and earning.  These are the ONLY functions of paybots.

slavey davey has been a great little fugpuppy!  he sent $300 cash,  $200 Etsy gift cards, $150 Prada eyeglass frames$200 restaurant gift cards are here too!  he also just bought this lovely small Frye phone wallet that Princess fan was suppose to get!  (yes Princess fan — you fucking SUCK SO HARDCORE!)  Did I miss anything from the last few days, davey?  I know your prezzy dispenser just CAN’T STOP!!

terrance also bought Me a pair of Prada eyeglass frames but I had to return them because they were too small.  I will spend the gift card on something else.

A new guy signed up for $100 weekly recurring donations.  Hopefully he will continue to pay them for a long, long time!

Princess fan (who has been a jerk) sent $350 Etsy Gift cards, but I’m not done punishing him and his puny wallet! you know what you are buying next, ya dickhole!  Procrastinating only gets your stupid ass in trouble!

mystery pig! How about more of dat mystery cash!?? I LOVE IT!!  Oh and he sent $300  some time after MY last blog.  🙂

pigsnot!  Send that money for the phones!  your LEZZY MASTERS are waiting!  Oh and pigsnot sent a $175 GC that I never blogged about.  he sends so many, it sometimes gets confusing!

lezzys’toy!  What gives?  Email Me immediately!  The FEMGOD Dynamic Duo is NOT pleased with your absence!

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2 thoughts on “Open your hearts and wallets to PRINCESS

  1. avatarPrincessFan

    I loved sending you the Etsy GC’s! Long overdue. The rush of paying Princess is the best feeling in the world. Must get her boots next!


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