Hot Off The Press

Hot Off The Press

Wearing the dress toiletbrush bought.  toiletbrush you owe ME $5,000 dollars. DON’T even contact Me until you are ready to cough it up.  you are SOOO lucky I even wear your dress. The highheel shoe-ies from stewy most screwy!


I’ll be adding a few big shots to members. Don’t buy a membership yet if you don’t have one. I am going to try to migrate ccbill to my own merchant account because I finally figured out a way to have password management that works just like ccbill–without the huge ccbill rates.  Yay!  If you have a membership, you’ll be signing up for the new billing shortly.

Been yanking cash from fucks left and right, $500 from pedro, $450 from pathetic wimp,  $300 from sierra’s boy, $1000 from a brand new old with yellow teeth and screams really loud when I have him slam his dick and balls in dresser I think old yeller will be fitting.  $500 from uncle pigfucker, $100 I just discovered from sissy missy, and more more items purchased from stewy including another windows 7 upgrade. 🙂  Logged into my old moneybookers account which has been inactive since they stopped letting europeans send USA money and found $300 sitting in there.

A friend of Mine had to spend a few nights in the hospital, so I was hanging there for a few days which was why I have been a bit hard to get a hold of.  Since I have new photos featuring lots of leg, heels and stockings–I can count on the fact that it’s gonna be a busy week for Me!


What the hell??  Can My face get any more perfect?  Earrings and necklace by stewey!

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26 thoughts on “Hot Off The Press

  1. avatarAnonymous

    i could say that the fidelity with Your convictions and way of being is reflected but the curl that always hangs from Your forehead.


  2. avatarAnonymous

    Look up at the surface as you sink
    I will be there
    admiring My reflection
    in the fluttering waters,
    cooled by the mist of your struggles.


  3. avatarpatrick

    Your face is truly one of the ultimate perfection. How can any man be not awed by your luminescent beauty. Your lips entice us, your eyes frighten us, but it is your sould that owns us.
    Thank you Princess, for your kindness to us in making us suffer for you. It is our destiny, our fate, to be destroyed by you for our own good.


  4. avatarAnonymous

    OMG..the pic in that dress!! My itty bitty male sub brain is stuck on “get a membership”, even the air in that picture looks happy to be next to God!!!


  5. avatarAnonymous

    The name of the photos that You post are always interesting. Because they give us what You see in the photo.

    You are sat on a chair, with a sexy short dress, saying hello with an arm

    It’s cryptic for me

    Are obvious

    The photo is from November 23

    i don’t know what it means; but for me it is one of Your aaa photos ever


    fagarina with two photos of You, very very weak

    The photo of Your face here is called set1. The meaning is obvious. But i think it should be called “smart”


  6. avatarAnonymous

    you should open up a clips4sale store and charge ridiculous prices for videos of you exploiting your subs…I’d buy like crazy….you’re gorgeous….I’m getting hard just thinking about it


  7. avatarAnonymous

    i like the contrast between Your dark hair and Your skin.
    The thick mass of Your hair enhance the color of Your skin. Makes it more alive. It is the background for Your face. It makes the earring brighter too. It is like a black brushstroke. It gives importance to Your ear and neck. i almost can feel the natural fragance of Your neck. You are delicious.


  8. avatarmark francis

    its my birthday today and i should feel happy but i dont. i love staring at Princess’ picture and just dream that i could breathe the same air as Her. i should be gay so i’m going back to watching one of tittyboy’s cocksucking video clips…it disturbs me as i admit it really turns me on watching it.


  9. avatarscrewy stewy

    i worship You Princess and want to thank You publicly for wearing the jewellery and shoes that You permitted me to purchase. They were Your choice, but i feel so lucky to have been allowed to actually buy them for You – and then to see You wear them is a dream come true beyond my wildest aspirations. You are stunning and i know i just have to give You more. Thank You Princess for giving my life some meaning.


  10. avatarAnonymous

    i don’t know if i am influenced by the things i already know
    about You that make me see smart Your expression, or if the smartness is in the bright of Your eyes, the straight glance towards my head (but also through it), the confidence, and the smirk.


  11. avatarAnonymous

    i assume that a way to make that some of those guys who hide themselves in anonymity, but follow You faithfully, show themselves, is to establish a kind of communication without words with them. Through the resources of Your page. After a while, perhaps they will need the lacking words. That method would be smart and subtle; worth of You.


  12. avatarAnonymous

    Why did i immediately knew, when i discovered that amazing picture, i would soon be crawling back to Your feet Princess? Magic.


  13. avatarscrewy stewy

    This is my favourite picture of ALL time – i can’t imagine any photograph or painting of anyone or anywhere ever surpassing the beauty of this portrait. They haven’t now, and they never will. Princess is Perfect.


  14. avatarsierrasfellatrix

    You are divine
    You are GOD
    i am humbled in Your presence



    Princess Reply:

    I know. It’s time you made your financial contribution again, instead of just sending ME whiny little yahoo messages about your tits.


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