Generous Goddess Takes your Cash!

I think this is the dress I will be sending pantystain.  Aren’t I the sweetest this week?  Now send your cash, assholes!

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3 thoughts on “Generous Goddess Takes your Cash!

  1. avatarpantystain

    Thank YOU so much, most beautiful Goddess Princess Sierra!YOU look incredible in that dress, Goddess! Whatever YOU decide to send, it will be the best possible decision for this boy. slaves like us shouldn’t needn’t make decisions when our superior Goddesses graciously decide for us 🙂


  2. avatarsissy tommikins

    another perfect picture of Princess that made me go suck cock at the video store. only one through the gloryhole but it was fat and long. almost too fat for the hole once it got hard! i sucked it so long my jaw ached. it was heaven. my submission to Princess is permanent.



    jL Reply:

    Could we get a running total of the cocks you suck for Princess? Like, tell your story and then say “that makes x so far this year” or something like that, please?


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