sissy+bottle of scotch = good times!

sissy+bottle of scotch = good times!

Another $600 $900 from mark francis.  Good lord, this guy turned on his cam today.and it startled the fuck out of Me.  he has aged SOOOOO much!   he’s been bugging internet Dommes since as long as I can remember.  (Bugging and rarely paying).  he’s the one who copycatted fagarina’s awesome sissy name and started calling himself “fagarella”.  yah really creative, bitch!  Not only do you copy My fabulous haveta “name yourself”.  Pathetic!  Anyway, he looks more like Grandmarella now!  his face has totally fallen!  I’m always amazed how fucking OLD you boys look who have been serving ME since the 90’s..because I still look so pert!  Anyway, the tranny granny is paying.$900 today and $1,500 last it’s all good!

The tranny granny mark francis.scary!



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