sissy tommikins great cocksucking adventures!

sissy tommikins great cocksucking adventures!

So I sent tommikins out to get dick tonight and he hit the BROTHER LOAD!  This big black muscular dude slapped his dick and balls across his tommikin’s face, fucked his mouth and splooged down his throat. tommikins was in slut-heaven!  tommikins also serviced some other smaller white dick but tommikins was too busy swooning over his experience with the big black dong to tell ME much about the tiny one. haha!  I am SOO picking out business cards for tommikins to hand out at the bookstores.  It’s gonna say “sissy tommikins cocksucker specialist” with his contact info.  I can’t wait!  Oh did I fail to mention he sent another $500?  That’s $1500 in two days. 🙂

Say Happy Bday to screwy stewy. This year someone gave him $100 for his Bday..and guess who took it away!?  This Girl!  (I actually got $165 out of him tonight–he had saved a tiny bit more from MY last fleecing.)

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1 thought on “sissy tommikins great cocksucking adventures!

  1. avatarjl

    Does this mean sissy tommikins will be blowing men when ever they order him to? Or does he still have to pay you first, Princess?


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