Perfection to Infinity!!!



And then compare this to My minions.  HAHA  doomed brit is such a fucking loser!

New Wishes
Colbalt Dress  Want this beauty asap!
Corset Dress  yay! slavey davey
Red Dress

OMG!  These are expensive but I love so!  Opal PendantAnother Opal Pendant.

This is My new Holy Grail Eyebrow powder.  Need one more for MY purse! Get Motto. hairlip and slavey davey

Skinfinish in Light Plus

Tribute Hudson Jean
Foley Hudson Jean

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4 thoughts on “Perfection to Infinity!!!

  1. avatarjl

    Sweet Jesus. I didn’t think it was possible for doomed brit to get any uglier. But at least he seems to be happy about aging 50 or so years since the last time a pic of him was posted


  2. avatardooomed brit

    Fame at last. ;-(

    10 years a fucked up binger/purger (, always wanting to become, but too scared to too become, a mutant trophy slave.

    And who the f*ck is jL ? What have you done for Her?



    Princess Reply:

    jL does nothing…and so does the commenter above. It seems the freaks who have the most to say about other slaves are the ones who do the least.


  3. avatarLoving you for this...

    Love the color of your hair, but I’m torn. Part of me says leave perfection alone. Part of me says let the gray keep coming because it you could be even hotter with gray hair & your baby face. All of me says pics like this (yours) should be daily if not weekly & pics like doomed Brit should be banned. That pic alone almost curtailed my erection, but I quickly scrolled back up.


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