mystery pig! Don’t be late!

Quick note to motivate My stealthy cash supplier, mystery pig! you’ve been doing a good job staying on schedule ..don’t fuck it up by being late today!  mystery pig has been anonymously sending at LEAST $1,000 every two weeks and We have been LOVING IT!!  I just have been too obsessed looking at home listings on Trulia every day to update My blog.  Seriously, I research areas We are interested in and peruse house listings for hours online every day.   Get that cash in pig!!! 

We leave for Our house hunt in about 3 weeks!  We will be driving a lot ..covering several states.  Send those big tributes in to fund Our SUV rental and Our gas and expenses.  (If you have the secret pay page…use that instead.)
We used SouthWest gift cards to pay for Our flights. (rat bastard bought a lot of those!)

I made a voice clip for all you filthy maggots who are hiding from your duties.

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