Princess Sierra will blow your mind!

Princess Sierra
Go ahead, weakling.  Make MY day.  Now is the time to give your life to Princess!

mystery pig!  UPDATE!! he sent it!! mystery pig sent $700!!!   I summoned you again on twitter.  It’s been over 2 weeks since your last mysterious cash offering.  Get that pig ass in gear!

Have you boys been catching My daily affirmations I have been posting on MY twitter?  They are designed to retrain your mushy man-brains.  My words tap into your subconscious and change old belief systems that do not serve MY best interests.  I recommend you save them, print them out and recite daily.

Pretty busy today.  Will update when I get some free time.

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2 thoughts on “Princess Sierra will blow your mind!

  1. avatarjoey

    Princess I will say it would be
    Interesting if you were beating
    Me with the butt of your pistol
    Maybe even shoot me in the leg
    Might have a go at it. I don’t know.


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