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Can’t Keep Track of All The Cash and Prizes!!

Update : I got zippy to send a $500 Amazon gift card too!  he also bought Me this Helly Hansen jacket.

Update:  Just got a surprise $500 from an old lame flame!  I can’t remember the nickname I used to call him.  I’m gonna email him and ask. lol!  — (it was slave zippy!)

Wow! Been some time since I updated MY blog!!  I can’t really remember everything I looted since My last entry but I’ll share some of the latest.
Blue Tory Burch Eyeglasses which I TOTALLY Love.  twinkie bought them along with the prescription lense as well. So I could start wearing the the minute they arrived. Yay!  Totally make MY eyes twinkle blue, twinkie.  lol

$350 from loopy for legs who was snorting coke again.  What a Fucking FREAK!  $300 from mystery pig.  he still has never contacted Me, but the cash keeps coming!

Last night $350 Amazon GC from Auntie pigsnot!   I used that gift card to buy My niece some boots and a purple Under Armour jacket. he also bought Me these Frye boots which were totally on sale! I love the lug heel!  Auntie didn’t stop there!  The pantied Auntie also got 2 bottles of perfume Dior J’Adore L’Absolu and Sisley Soir de Lune which came to about $240.  It also bought $200 worth of Sephora gift cards!  Woohoo!!! Oh yeh and also ordered these Prada eyeglass frames sometime last week.

I’ve been on a big perfume rampage!  We decided We totally wanted to update Our perfume collection.  We wanted more sophisticated, grown up, high end perfumes.  I tossed all MY cheaper celebrity fragrances and the girly fruity, lighter stuff I wore when I was younger.  I’m ready for grown up perfumes now.   hairlip bought MY GF a $132 bottle of Chanel No 5 Eau Premier which She will wear for work.  She is totally giddy over it!   he also got Me a $120 of Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume.  LOVE it!

I’ve had slavey davey’s prezzy dispenser’s pedal to the metal for weeks!! he just can’t stop himself!  So many awesome gifts!  Jimmy Choo’s perfume, $200 restaurant gift cards, a $120 big bottle of Dior Pure Poison, $200 Etsy GC, $60 Netflix GC, he also got ME this $164 turquoise necklace that I totally love wearing.  he sent around $700 CASH this month including the Valentine’s cash I mention further down this blog.

pantystain bought Me one of My favorite Versace perfumes.  The Eau de Parfum is being discontinued I think, so I made him buy Me a big bottle.  he also got ME a bottle of Coach Perfume.  kenneth got ME this Prada Perfume gift set and this beautiful Bvlgari Rose perfume.

We were SO spoiled for Valentine’s week.  slavey davey sent $300 to help Us enjoy it and hairlip sent $400 and $200 for HRC’s Valentine’s dinner.  I got a slew of Valentine’s donations this year.  Good boys!!  mrobot sent $200, $500 from twinkie, $200 from terrance, $200 from deerslayer, $300 from pedrobot, $100 from screwy stewy, 300 from toejamjam.  Shit!  I really can’t remember all the shit I have gotten since VDay!!   I totally lose track when this much time goes by.   I have been very pleased with My stable of piggies’ performance in February.

hairlip has now paid Our Verizon phone bill three months in a row and has also dutifully been sending $10 three times a day on top of everything else!  🙂

Oh and a brand new guy from Ohio named david sent $200 cash in the mail and I expect to receive cash from him every pay day!

wankalot blocked Me again.  I guess he wants ME to fuck him extra hard next time he shows Me his pathetic bi-polar ass.  Oh and I will.  Last time he promised again to turn over a new leaf.  Well that lasted a week.  Fuck that! I will NEVER show restraint fucking his wallet again!  I will always GO for the jugular!  I will GET IT all and as FAST AS I CAN!  I will BLEED him dry and leave him rotting on the side of the road!

Oh and remember lezzy’s toy????  he’s that guy who out of the blue started sending ME envelopes full of delicious hundred dollar bills?!!  I think he sent around $25,000 or something in just a short time.  It was GLORIOUS!  Well, he poofed too!  lezzystoys!  Get those envelopes coming again.  you are TOTALLY slacking in your responsibilities to the LESBIAN NATION!!

Capris for HRC size S in Navy
Metro Slouch size Tall L in Black

HRC wants a vanilla based perfume.  Get Alien Essence Absolu for Her

For HRC Pants size Regular Short size 4 in Chrome  hairlip
 Fleece Jacket size TALL L in Kiwi hairlip

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Blog lay-out back by popular demand.

Blog lay-out back by popular demand.

Update: Yeh, I turned it back.  I had guys freaking out!  Everyone hated the slicker template!!  One slave even said that My blog “lost it’s soul.” hahaha!  Good lord!  I can’t mess with your life-line or ya’ll freak out.   But yeh, I agree.  I was getting MYself infuriated trying to find My wishes.   I want MY desires constantly beating in to your brains in bold pink letters BUY THIS! BUY THIS!  So I wasted two days toiling on that damned template, broke the gallery for nothing and had to hire someone to fix what I broke.  Well.  That was enough of work for ME for one year.  Phewww. I need a vacation now.

New Layout.  Let Me know what you think.  I’m usually into blogs where posts are entirely viewable without clicking, but it also looks dated I guess.  I’m not sure what I think about this one.   Personally, I think it’s more addictive to have you open MY site and see all MY wishes, tirades and photos pop up all at once, attacking your senses and sensibilities..however, it does make a blog look kinda sloppy.  Will give it a try for now.  Working on putting together another site with my old members articles and other content all available with a more updated look.    I also added a search feature to this blog so I can search MY slaves by nickname and look at all the activity through the years.  Just searched pigsnot!  Wow!  We got so much stuff from him!  I know it.but when you see the lists and lists of goodies, it even amazes Me!    pigsnot, where the fuck are you?  Me and Stevie are plotting against you via text again.  We both updated Our list with special items just for you to purchase!   your brain should be burning today!  There’s new Apple products on the market and We want them!    I want both of MY sisters to get new laptops for Xmas.and I want your crazy ass to buy them!  you know that you start oozing your pig snot just thinking about it!  Just do it!!  Also pigsnot, was that you asking all the question on about the Apple products or a guy impersonating you?  It’s not like you to ask questions and not BUY!  I also want to make a page listing all the pigsnot sprees.  Oh we’ve had some good ones!!   If you keep your credit card statements, give ME numbers.  I want to know exactly how many tens of thousands of dollars We have raped you for!  I found an old blog on Nov 2, 2011 and you were up to $34,000 way back then! hahahaha! Can you imagine what you have done since!?!?!

sir wankalot is in hiding again!  Can you fucking believe it with his syrup-sweet blogs and love notes!?   Obviously he’s not going to be a loyal slave like he claimed he could be..he’s just a binger/purger.  Well, you know what happens to bingers!  When they pop their ridiculous heads up, I bang the last dollar out of them.   NO BUDGETING.  NO MERCY.  NO planning for the future.  I will ravage your wallet.  Clear-cut it!  Absolutely drain it.  Take every dime.  Fuck you til it’s gone.  Budgeting and reasonable tributing is reserved for those I can count on.  I can’t count on you, sir wankalot. you are obviously bi-polar.   But there is one thing you can always count on with bi-polar-penis purger.  Their dick always betrays them!  When they come back, I lay them flat out, face-down and rape them like the stupid bitchboys they are.  I will leave you with NOTHING because you deserve NOTHING because you don’t know how to properly serve a Goddess!

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