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doomed brit = doomed shit

doomed brit = doomed shit

doomed brit! I received your $300 today.  That’s nice and all but I know you have more money!   Follow the link I emailed you today and send $1,000!  Have your booze out and your cam ready to make stupid videos.  Buy a blow up doll, big marshmallows, a funny hat, and a LOT of alcohol. you are a fucking piece of shit and that money belongs to ME!  If you do not obey, you will be ignored.  p.s.  I hate you! 🙂

slave d the guy who pays the $500 monthly recurring payments popped up and sent a surprise $500 after seeing the pictures I recently posted of MY radiant smile.  Yay!

crunk spent his day on the phone with ME and a big bottle of hooch!  he sent $500 and cried big crocodile tears on his webcam.  lol he’s one of those sad drunks!   hahaha!

slavey davey, panty stain and hairlip have all been doing a great job with MY amazon wishlist.  Item after item has been quickly disappearing!  Good job, boys!

Cold Shoulder Top size L  promptly purchased by slavey davey
Printed Cold Shoulder Top size L slavey davey
Another cold shoulder top size L in white slavey davey

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Multi-raping Multi-moneyslaves

Update: Yay! $500 from sissy tommikins. Sent that bitch back to the adult bookstores for some dicklicking. $200 from the pervert postman who I have decided I totally can’t stand and intend to make his life a living hell. 🙂

loopy4legs: all those envelopes of cash you sent during your coke binger showed up!

I believe the cash added up to be $843.
Send more!! Oh yeah..and buy MORE drugs bitch!

Then munnyhunny was lured back into MY web with those newer pics of ME. Cost his happy ass $600! Oh and let’ s not forget doomedbrit who had to part with $400 of his hard earned cash today. HA! Oh I believe suzy also agreed to buy VTG a new Razor phone or something. I’ll update when I hear more about that. Gotta run!

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